Best Wall Paint Colours for Your Home


So, brought a new home, and it's time to revamp the entire ambience and truly make it your own?

Well, what's the better way than to pick out the best wall colour paints for your home?

Enough of questions, let's move on to solutions now; along with the quality and types of paints, the colours you use matter too.

Whether it's in the perspective of decor, spirituality or plain climatic conditions, wall paint colours are the top.

The best colours for home are as follows:

The primary goes to colour for any home. But is it worth it, especially when it comes to monsoons and the cracks during the summer?

It's a really good option to go for if you have the budget, or else you can consider opting for the whites with yellow undertones.
This will give some warmth and make your home look fresh in every season.

Warm Gray
If white is not an option, then we suggest trying out this shade of grey as it looks great with almost any wall texture.
Go For Cool Colors If You Have A Large House Or An Open Area With No Furniture In It!
A lot of large houses these days are painted in neutral colours such as blue or grey due to their expansive nature and the cleanliness they convey. But now, with time, people are deciding to change their colour scheme so that it better complements the exterior décor.

Ocean Blue
Now no longer a rare option to explore. Ocean blue can make your home stand out from the crowd.
But if you are considering it, make sure there's ample space in your home or else the walls will look more like tiles.

Barn Red

A classic red and a great option for those who want to maintain their prestige. Barn red looks amazing in the right setting due to its classy tone.

Consider balancing it out with some lighter shades as this colour is associated with classiness, so be ready for the expectations of your guests.

Green Is The New Out Of The Box Choice!

Now going with green is considered an out of the box choice, but then there are several lush options available that can suit almost everyone's needs in terms of affordability and exclusivity too!

The best part about green wall paint colours is that they not only stand out but also do well with the greens around your home too. Yes, we are talking about the plants and creepers that can add more flavour to your home.
So these are our top picks for home wall paint colours, so which one would you pick, something from our list or something even more radical?
If so, let us know in the comments below.


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