How to fix sage 50 database engine on computer server is unavailable.

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How to fix sage 50 database engine on computer server is unavailable

Your database engine on computer [server] is unavailable. The business enterprise global become in determined want of a product with the intention to make every day bookkeeping undertakings less complicated and quicker. Sage 50 is famous accounting software that reigns the accounting marketplace which could cope with all of the accounting and economic associated responsibilities in a correct way in addition to in a quick way. It has specific gear which could make general ordinary finance associated sports a great deal less complicated than expected.

However, there may be not anything to fear as each error has an answer which could restore the problem. Get to recognize approximately the error in details.

Cause of sage 50 database engine on computer server is unavailable

  • The ~pvsw~.loc record within side the employer facts set folder is pointing to the incorrect server or is damaged
  • The shared facts folder has now no longer been shared properly
  • There are damaged, encrypted, or faulty documents for your employer facts folder
  • IPv6 is enabled

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Solutions to Fix Sage 50 Error Your Database Engine on Computer Server Is Unavailable


Ping server from workstation    

  • Verify you're capable of ping the server from the laptop.
  • If you acquire a Request timed out error touch your Network Administrator or an IT professional.

The ~pvsw~.loc file in the company data set folder is pointing to the wrong server or is damaged

  • Close Sage 50—U.S. Edition
  • Browse to the area of your employer. Refer to Article 10199: How to discover employer directories
  • Delete ~pvsw~.loc for that employer
  • Reopen Sage 50
  • Verify the employer opens without error

The shared data folder has not been shared properly

  • Verify that the document permissions at the shared information folder are correctly set. Verify my information document permissions are efficaciously set
  • Verify that Sage 50 opens without error

The company data folder has encrypted files in it

  • Close Sage 50
  • Browse to the place of your agency.
  • Select all the documents within side the listing through urgent Ctrl+A
  • Right-click on the highlighted documents and choose Properties
  • Select the Advanced button
  • Verify that the take a look at box for Encrypt contents to secure information is unchecked
  • Select OK, then Apply
  • Select OK
  • Reopen Sage 50
  • Verify that the organization opens without error

Creating a new directory with the core company data files

  • Open Sage 50
  • Select Open Existing Company
  • Note the Directory in your organization
  • Create a brand new folder within side the information direction.
  • Double-click on your agency folder from Step 2
  • Copy Keys Backup folder, Version.txt, KMSKeys.xml, and all .DAT documents
  • Paste into the brand new folder from Step 4
  • Select File, then Open Company, and open the agency document from the brand new folder which you created in step 3
  • Verify you may get entry to the organization information


It is hoped that the above steps will definitely help to fix sage 50 database engine on computer server is unavailable. If in case you are still getting problem with the same issue you can directly get in touch with our Sage live chat support team. Our support team will help you to resolve your issue.


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