Oral‌ ‌Ulcers:‌ ‌5‌ ‌Unexpected‌ ‌causes‌ ‌you‌ ‌never‌ ‌knew‌ ‌

Dr Chhabrani

You always feel anxious all of the time, right? Do you have disruptions in your sleep cycle? Or, does your health always rely on medicines? There are several root causes behind the emergence of ulcers.

Mouth ulcers or mouth sores are frequent ailments that affect many people in their life at some point, yet they can't be ignored. Mouth ulcers are also known as usually harmless canker sores, and resolves naturally within 10-15 days.

The appropriate root cause or source of mouth ulcers is dynamic from one individual to another. Yet, there are some common predictions or noticeable symptoms by which mouth ulcers can turn up: citrus fruits, spicy or acidic foods, biting the cheek or tongue, deficient eating habits, braces, trauma, menopause, added pain medications, infections, bad-fitting of dentures, puberty, beta-blockers, and genetics. 

The following are the main causes of mouth ulcers:

  • Tobacco.
  • High Stress/ Anxiety levels.
  • Nutritional Deficiency.
  • Trauma/ Physical injury.
  • Drug-Induced.


Our goal in this article is to learn five major causes of oral ulcers and how to treat them. Although the causes may seem complex, the remedies to prevent them are simple. Let us examine each one in turn:

1. Tobacco:


Are you aware that ex-smokers develop oral ulcers after quitting smoking? What? Tobacco and ulcers are interconnected? Yes! Former smokers are expected to erupt mouth ulcers and other symptoms for 1-2 weeks after surrendering to smoke.

A new study claims that if ex-smokers can hold on for 5-6 weeks, they can get rid of oral ulcers forever. 

2. High Stress/ Anxiety Levels:


One of the leading causes of mouth ulcers is high-stress levels. There is a substantial tie-up between mental health and oral health. Mouth ulcers are the result of stress and depression, which triggers the development of such oral diseases. 

If you are able to manage your stress effectively, you will be able to handle the discomfort of ulcers. Learning stress management is the toolkit for your overall oral health.   

However, there are many ways to ease and cease the stress, like calming your mind, taking deep breaths, meditation, exercise, and doing yoga, etc. Practising it daily for 15 minutes can relieve oral ulcers.

3. Nutritional Deficiency:


Deficiency of vitamin B-12 or cobalamin can cause your body to abnormally develop enlarged red blood cells which are non-cooperating with other cells of the body.

The risk of developing mouth ulcers is doubled if individuals have low iron levels or inadequate intakes of vitamin B (B1, B2, B6, &, B12). The best way to conquer this problem is to catch up with the best dental clinic in Nagpur and find out the origin of your ulcers.

4. Trauma/ Physical Injury:


Traumatic oral ulcers are tender, they possess a yellowish base and reddish lining, there is no induration. Traumatic ulcers are the outgrowth of unintentionally biting oneself, sleeping, sharp objects, and overzealous brushing, etc. These ulcers vary from 1mm to greater than 1 cm in diameter. 

Traumatic minor ulcerations can be treated as:

  • Detaching of the irritants.
  • Soft normal diet.
  • Use of a silky mouth guard.
  • Sedative mouth rinses.
  • Warm sodium chloride rinses.

5. Drug-Induced:


Ulcers are common elements seen in the oral cavity while some ulcers are those induced by drug medications. After the appropriate diagnosis of and clinical findings of oral ulcerations and drugs induced, many drugs have been recorded as the root cause of the formation of ulcers.

Among them, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) are mainly associated with the planting of oral ulcers. If you frequently get ulcers due to medications, get expert advice from the best dentist in Nagpur to alter your prescriptions.

Additional Tips to Keep Ulcers Away:

  • Take time off to relax, improve eating habits, and get plenty of sleep.
  • Avoid triggering foods like nuts, spices, or drinks with high acidic content that leads to sores.
  • Be careful while eating food with any sharp, or hard-edged spoons and forks that can cut the skin.
  • Avoid excessive dryness of the mouth.

Although oral ulcers are annoying and uncomfortable, home remedies like applying the antiseptic gel, regularly rinsing the mouth with lukewarm saltwater, using alcohol-free medication and mouthwash are helpful to minimize their recurrence. 

Your oral ulcers won't heal within the first 15 days, or if they occur frequently, then you should consult your dentist to get them treated, or you could also inquire about the Best Dental Clinic in Nagpur.

Dr Chhabrani
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