Some of the terms contained in the drumband

Jual Drumband

For now, drumbands are not difficult for us to find, many schools already have drumbands. Drumband itself can certainly improve the intelligence of students. In Indonesia itself, there are many drumband groups that we often meet. In a drumband game, of course, there are several elements that are connected to each other. Of these several elements will certainly make a drumband game more beautiful and interesting. This element is very important so it must be in a group or drumband team.
Here are some terms used in a drumband group:
1. Majorette and battery
In a drumband group, there must be a player called a majorette. This major has a role as a field commander and organizes the lines in a drum band. Not only that, the mayor also performs dance movements or various attractions using a stick or what is often called a majorette stick. In general, the majoret is played by a woman. However, there are several drum bands that use a male majority. For the battery itself is a unit in the drumband which has the function to play percussion instruments such as, bass drum, snare drumband, cymbals, quarto and many more.
2. Brass, Cadet Band and Department
Brass, band cadets, and department, these three categories must be in a drumband game. Brass is a group of people whose job is to play wind instruments. Cadet band is a term used for new drummers, while department is a division in a drumband game that is divided based on the position or a musical instrument to be played.
3. Section, Color guard, Drum Corps
Section itself is a group division in a drumband after the department. In the section there is a battery section and also a pit section. Color Guard is a drum band department whose job is to beautify performances in drum band playing, which uses sticks or musical instruments. Next is the Drum Corps or what is often called a drumband.
4. Mallet Percussion and Ridiment
Mallet percussion is a group of percussion players who produce melodies. The musical instrument used is usually called a mallet. After that there are rudiments. Rudiment itself is the basic technique of percussion instruments. Rediment itself has its own rhythm and pattern.

Jual Drumband
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