Everything that you should know About ICAN Registration

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If you want to be a recognized charted accountant, then you must have an idea about ICAN. Here in this article, we will help you with how to register for ICAN Training 2021, what are the requirements and guidelines to apply. Everyone wants to become in a position where they can achieve some respect and be considered as an example for young generations. The 

About ICAN: 

ICAN is the professional accountancy body in Nigeria that is established in the years of 1965. This is an accountancy association that helps thousands of candidates to achieve their dreams. ICAN was created mostly because of encouraging self-professionalism in the accountancy profession.

This organization is started with 250 members, which are now developed, and there are almost 35k members today. The mission of this organization is to produce world-class charted accounts that regulate and enhance ethical standards. Here are the requirements for registration for ICAN Training Calendar 2021.

What are the major requirements for registration?

The major requirements that a candidate should have are as mentioned below:

  1. A recent size passport paragraph.
  2. O level results with five credits.
  3. To make registration, the candidate should have a University degree or higher national diploma from any ICAN accredited college.

How can a candidate register for ICAN?

There are three ways through which you can register for ICAN. Here you can register yourself as a professional student as well as an accounting technician schemes. 

Candidates who are registering themselves as a professional student:

  • For registration, you have to visit any commercial banks in Nigeria and pay an amount as the professional examination registration fee. Otherwise, you can also pay through the website.
  • After paying the fee, check the website and register, thereby entering the receipt numbers and other information that are mentioned in the receipt.
  • You also need a passport size photograph to complete the process and then scan the application form and signature on it.
  • Find a charted accountant sponsor who can provide their name and contact number and then take your complete application to the sponsor. 
  • If you are planning to register yourself with AAT results, then you need to pay a minimum amount for the conference. You have to add the receipt in your application too.
  • With the application, you have to attach the original PIN voucher and PayDirect receipt, and passport size pictures.

After going through this overall process, your registration is complete, and you can easily check your status by inquiring at the helpline number.


The above-discussed process is quite the same for other people too. After registration, you have to go through its syllabus and marking structure. You can also join the ICAN Training center to grab the best marks.

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