Stylish Shoes That Should Be A Part Of Every Shoe Cabinet

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An important part of getting the style right is by wearing the right kind of shoes. Men’s shoes are not just formal shoes and sports shoes anymore. The list of the latest shoes for men now includes a lot of designs that are so versatile that they can be paired with different kinds of attire.


  • Loafers

A shoe that resembled the traditional footwear of cattle farmers has now become one of the most trending shoe types. Loafers are high on both style and comfort. The rubber soles in these shoes offer more shock absorption and give the comfort and grip needed on the road while walking. So a person is less likely to slip in loafers. They can be paired with denim or a pair of chinos or denim and take the fashionably casual style to a whole new level. The wide color palette to choose from ensures that there can be a pair to go with most of a person’s wardrobe. Red, yellow and blue are just a few top-of-the-line colors that can be in a shoe closet.


  • Sports shoes

Sports shoes and sneakers are not a part of the latest shoes for men only in the gym wear category. These shoes don’t belong only in the wardrobe of a fitness freak. They are the most comfortable and ideal shoes for running, gym, trekking, hiking, and walking. They protect the feet from any injury and keep the feet balanced. With fitness being a top priority of most people today, this is one kind of shoe that must be in every shoe cabinet.  


  • Slippers

Slippers include the ones that can be worn to the beach with a pair of casual shorts and the formal slip-on that can be worn with traditional Indian attire. To buy slippers online that are perfect for the purpose, one must know the purpose and occasion for wearing the shoes. For wearing them at home, while watering plants a different pair would be required from what would be worn with a kurta pajama. Kolhapuri is another traditional slipper that can be worn both with jeans as well as with Indian attire.


  • Sandals

Sandals never go out of style and go equally well with traditional as well as casual clothes. Leather sandals look great and feel comfortable. They are available in a wide range of colors from black and brown to tan and maroon.


  • Espadrilles

Made from a breathable material, these shoes can be worn with both casual as well as formal clothes. The cushioning in these shoes makes it comfortable to wear them for long hours without facing any bad odor or sweat problems. These shoes can be worn with a formal shirt and slim-fit trousers. They also go very well with a blazer or jacket. 


  • Canvas sneakers

Canvas sneakers are durable stylish shoes that are well-cushioned to provide support to the ankle. The breathable material of these shoes makes them a perfect pair of shoes for long walks after work.

Lakhani Footwear
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