5 Best Outdoor Activities and Adventure tours in San Ignacio

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San Ignacio, rated as the second largest settlement in Belize, is the largest in the Cayo District. It is situated in western Belize with an area of 6.5 km². Apart from the fact that San Ignacio is the centerpiece for culture in Cayo District, it also is the centre of attraction for tourists from all over the world. One significant factor that brought about a raise in its population is the abundance of mahogany in its plains. San Ignacio is populated by attractions from natural things. Forest reserves and mountains feed tourists with the blessing from nature's craftiness. A visit to San Ignacio is really a trip to remember and surely not regrettable.


  1. Sail the Macal River

On a visit to San Ignacio, see that you take a special trip to the Naval River. You can seek a good direction to the Macal River. What else matters than having a quiet sail on the River Macal with hands spread wide appealing to the parading breeze? The voyage across the river takes you on a distinguished blend of excursions where you see the Belize garden of Botany, the ancient town Mayan in Cahal Pech. The Macal River of 320 kilometers has always been a centre of attraction for tourists who come around San Ignacio.


  1. Actun Tunichil Muknal

One true attribute of a tourist or adventurer is courage and resilience. Lacking any or both of these similar characteristics may leave them with shock and self incurred fear. The Actun Tunichil Muknal is a cave that looks pleasant on the outside but may look like the opposite on the inside. This is as a result of human skeletons and remains buried halfway in the ground. There are actually many things to learn from this cave. This symbolizes that people have lived in this cave years back. The cave is decorated with many creative fittings and works to also keep it enticing to tourists.


  1. Medicinal Plant Garden

Do you wish to experience the power of plants and herbal concoctions? In San Ignacio, the Jungle or Garden helps you discover more effectiveness and importance of natural substances in our world today. This renowned garden was very actively accessed by the Maya for production of medications and balms. Surprisingly, perhaps, diseases that claim lives and homes today may just be abated by the conjugation of one or two herbs. While touring this garden, the presence of a guide helps make your visit a productive one.


  1. Barton Creek Cave

The cave which joins the community of San Ignacio is a naturally occurring cave. It is filled with so many amusing archeological elements that are capable of keeping tourists quite long. Record has it that some of its elements were stolen out of this cave following its discovery. However, this happening didn't affect its value as tourists still troop in. The cave is engulfed by a little body of water which implies that visitors swim into the cave to have a perfect look of it.


  1. San Ignacio House of Culture

Discovering new things is one of the aims of a tourist and those new things are what the house of culture puts on the table. The house, as it is called, teaches visitors about the culture in San Ignacio. It does this with the many symbolic materials in it. The house also looks like a museum and is equipped with materials for that purpose.


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