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You can quickly check the PNR status of the train using the online app of the RailMitra inquiry system. It assists you in predicting the probability of getting confirmed train tickets. The app will return the PNR status accurately and provide you with a prediction update for your train ticket.

The IRCTC PNR Number Check feature of RailMitra helps us stay updated regarding the PNR status before the start of the train journey so that we can get the required information before embarking on the journey. You have the option of downloading the application of RailMitra on your mobile for checking the status of the PNR, along with availing of the specific facilities that are considered to be more useful while traveling through Indian Railways.

IRCTC PNR Number Check

Is the waiting list ticket automatically canceled? Does the waitlisted ticket get confirmed?

These questions arise when you might end up booking and getting the waitlisted ticket. This makes it important for PNR status checks regularly. It gives you information on the current status of your ticket, which gets updated regularly in real-time and increases the chances for the confirmation of the ticket. PNR Number Enquiry helps know the current status update, prediction and confirmation chances, seat and coach position, journey details, and chart prepared information.

Passenger Name Record (PNR) plays a vital role within the ticketing system of Indian Railways and is required by the passengers every time they travel by train. A passenger name record is an identification number for every person who is considered to be opting for the railway as the commuting mode.

For tickets that are booked online, the 10 digit PNR number seems to be printed on the topmost row beside the transaction ID. For tickets booked through the reservation centers of Indian Railways, the passenger name record is printed over the top corner of the ticket.

Information Embedded in PNR

IRCTC PNR Number Check will give the following unique details about your train itinerary:

  • Details of the railway passengers inclusive of name, age, and gender of the passenger traveling through Indian Railways
  • Train number and name
  • Fare details of the train
  • Class of travel – SL, CC, 2 AC, 1AC
  • Seat number, coach, and quota
  • Status of the booking like if it is still within the waiting list, confirmation through RAC, at the time of the reservation
  • Current status like confirmation of the ticket
  • Scheme details of the IRCTC Ticket Auto Up-gradation
  • Details of the seat number and the coach
    Source station & destination station
  • Point of boarding
  • Duration of the entire journey

Feature of Predicting the PNR Confirmation on RailMitra

The tickets within the waiting list significantly have the possibility of getting confirmed before the departure of the trains depending on the amount of the canceled tickets and the addition of the coaches.

Checking IRCTC PNR Number Confirmation Probability by the RailMitra is considered to be helping in predicting the confirmation chances of the ticket, along with the availability of the seat. RailMitra seems to be providing 100% accuracy as it is backed by the analysis of the data and the prediction computed using machine learning techniques. True PNR Prediction is calculated with various parameters such as the number of bookings and cancellations done on the basis of specific factors inclusive of festivals, seasons, weekends, specified events, among other characteristics.

RailMitra: Accurate PNR Status Check For Confirmation Probability

PNR Number Enquiry for waitlist confirmation prediction of IRCTC tickets can easily be made with the special feature of RailMitra. It delivers the most accurate result in the quickest way possible in the following ways:

  • Go to the RailMitra website - www.railmitra.com, or download the RailMitra App.
  • Tap on the ‘check PNR status’ over the menu bar, which will take you to the PNR status check page.
  • Enter the 10 digits PNR number within the box provided and submit it by tapping on the specified button
  • The details related to the confirmation update of the PNR will be reflected over the page

How RailMitra Provides Update When Checking IRCTC PNR Number Confirmation Probability of the Waitlisted tickets?

IRCTC PNR Number Check is an easy process with the RailMitra app, along with the range of features that can be taken into consideration as quite attractive.

Confirmation Probability: Firstly, there is the availability of the feature of the probability of confirmation that helps the users in providing knowledge regarding the chances of end confirmation of the PNR.

The prediction is considered to be computed using the analytics of the data, along with the techniques of machine learning for getting the rate of occupancy on the basis of the variety of factors such as bookings done in the past, trends of cancellations, station quotas, weekdays, holidays, seasons and other stuff for the determination of the new routes and trains for providing help to the passengers travel with ease.

Progress in the status of the PNR: Secondly, RailMitra seems to be keeping the users updated regarding the change within the PNR status through periodic notifications. The final status of the specified PNR number is sent after the preparation of the final chart that is usually 1 hour before the train departs.

PNR Status Check via SMS

PNR status check can also be made through SMS via mobile the following ways-
Type PNR [enter 10 digit PNR number] and send it to 139.


You can see that checking the IRCTC PNR Number and Confirmation Probability is very important. To help you know whether your waitlist ticket will be confirmed or not, RailMitra brings you the easiest and accurate way for IRCTC PNR Number Check and assists you organize your schedule accordingly. So, Download the RailMitra app and make it your Rail travel partner.


Rail Mitra
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