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Types of Silicone Extruded Door Seals You Need to Know

Types of Silicone Extruded Door Seals You Need to Know

Complex cross-sections and a smooth surface finish are supported by Silicone Extruded Door Seals. Bulb, bulb trim, lip, door, and accordion seals are among them. The catalogue includes all five varieties, as well as a variety of additional rubber extrusions that are ready for bespoke fabrication.


Elastomeric compounds are used to make rubber profiles, which are moulded or extruded. Standard rubber product lengths are then custom-fabricated to fulfil application needs like length. Extrusion allows for the manufacture of rubber profiles with complex cross-sections and a smooth surface finish, which is not possible with injection, compression, or transfer moulding.

The Best Rubber Products Manufacturers, as a bespoke fabricator, keeps solid rubber and sponge rubber extrusions on hand and can convert these conventional goods into specialty seals that fit your needs. There are different varieties of rubber extrusions, yet only five are designated as "seals." We also provide a variety of Extruded Silicone Door Gaskets, but for the sake of this essay, let's concentrate on the five varieties of extruded rubber seals.

Bulb seals, bulb trim seals, lip seals, door seals, and accordion seals are all critical for industrial buyers and design engineers to grasp.

Let’s take a look.

Bulb Seals

Bulb seals get their name from the open, rounded, or teardrop-shaped portion on the front of the rubber product. Other spherical shapes, such as a half-moon, or a flat bottom, are seen on some bulb seals. Physical measurements vary, although they often comprise height, as well as inner and exterior diameters. Bulb gaskets are often made of sponge rubber and fitted between the door and the door frame in a car or building. Watertight seals are easier to achieve with softer bulbs made of materials like EPDM foam. Bulb seals can be taped instead of mechanically fastened in automotive and construction applications.

Bulb Trim Seals

Dual durometer seals with bulb and trim parts are known as bulb trim seals. The bulb is usually constructed of EPDM, which is a medium-density sponge rubber. The bulb trim seal's trim or retainer is constructed of a different material, such as PVC. Bulb trim seals can withstand water, ozone, sunshine, and temperature extremes thanks to their unique design and materials of manufacture. These Silicone Extruded Door Seals are also available in thermoplastic elastomers, which are weather-resistant, reusable, and often recyclable (TPEs).

Lip Seals

Lip seals have an edge or sealing lip, as well as an opening in some circumstances. They're frequently employed to safeguard a bearing that supports a revolving shaft or bore. These rotary shaft seals aid to prevent the introduction of dust and other impurities as well as keeping the bearing's lubricant. For diesel and gasoline engines, radial lip seals are employed in high-speed crankshaft applications. They're also found in other vehicles, as well as pumps, mills, and industrial machinery. Because the material qualities of elastomeric compounds vary, make sure to choose an oil-resistant rubber that meets your application's requirements.

Door Seals

Wind, water, and weather are kept out of cars and buildings by using door seals to cover the gaps between doors and door frames. Cars, trucks, residential construction, as well as commercial and industrial facilities, all use them. Fuel tanks, electrical enclosures, and rooftop HVAC systems all need door seals, such as hatch seals. Some bulb seals are included in this category of Silicone Extruded Door Seals, but specialised weather stripping is also included. Door seals are typically rectangular and are identified by their application rather than geometric features or material composition.

Accordion Seals

Accordion seals are extruded rubber goods with folds similar to accordion bellows. As a result, when stretched or compressed, their physical proportions are drastically different. Access connections between a truck cab and a trailer are weather proofed using accordion boot seals. In automotive and transportation-related applications, other types of accordion seals are also used. EPDM rubber is used in the construction, and accordion seals may have an internal spring steel weave.

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