Things to Know About Speech Therapy

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The screening, evaluation, and treatment of communication disorders is done by Speech-language pathologists (SLPs), often known as Speech Therapists.

To improve communication, specific speech therapy interventions and strategies are used. The methods that are used will depend on what the underlying communication problem is. Following are some of the most common communication problems:

  • Fluency Disorder: The flow, pace, and rhythm of speaking are all affected by fluency issues. Fluency issues include stuttering and cluttering. A person who stutters has difficulty making a sound, and their speech may be hindered or halted, or they may repeat parts of a word.
  • Articulation Disorder: Articulation problems are defined as the inability to articulate specific word sounds appropriately. This speech problem causes a youngster to drop, switch, distort, or add word sounds. Saying "this" instead of "this" is an example of word distortion.
  • Receptive Disorders: Receptive disorders are when a person has difficulty understanding and processing what others are saying. When someone speaks, you may appear inattentive, have difficulty following orders, or have a restricted vocabulary due to this. A receptive language issue can be caused by other language disorders, autism, hearing loss, or a brain injury.
  • Resonance Disorder: Resonance disorders occur when regular airflow in the nasal or oral canals is blocked or obstructed, altering the vibrations significant for voice quality. It can also happen if the velopharyngeal valve isn't correctly closed.
  • Expressive Disorders: A difficulty in transmitting or expressing information is referred to as expressive language disorder. If you have an expressive disorder, you may have problems generating proper sentences, such as employing the wrong verb tense.
  • Aphasia: Aphasia is a communicative condition that hinders a person's capacity to communicate and understand others. It can also impair one's ability to read and write. Aphasia is most commonly caused by a stroke; however, it can also be caused by other brain problems.

CBS Therapy has two Speech Therapy Clinics in RI, and offers experienced Speech-Language Pathologists and Bilingual Speech Pathologists to perform speech therapy for improving communication. For more info, consider visiting https://cbstherapy.com.

CBS Therapy
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