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Sep 22, 2021 16:50

Dogs are the most loyal being, and their cognitive power can be worthy to a human being. This is why; dogs are human’s best friends. Other than that, dogs have all five senses much sharper than a human or any other animal that can be domesticated.

Dogs as Therapists

We have seen several fictional pieces where dogs can be seen as therapists. However, that is true, and dogs are trained to provide us with a wide range of therapy. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Mobility Assistance Dog- Those who have a movement issue can hire a mobility assistance dog. These dogs are not ordinary and can perform tasks that are impossible without any training. For instance, these dogs can switch on the light, carry things from one room to another, drop packages, etc.
  2. Autism Assistance Dogs- These types of dogs are great therapists. They assist autistic patients as well as keep them happy throughout. These dogs understand the tough battle the patients fought and create a great mode of communication between the people around them and the patient.
  3. In-Home Skilled Companion- This is the type where dogs are trained to be skilled in household works like opening the drawer and picking up things, picking up the mail, and others. When you have a patient in your home, home-skilled companion dogs can be a good choice.
  4. Other Assistance Type- Other than the types we mentioned, there are assistance dogs for PTSD and several different similar kinds of diseases. These dogs not only give them companionship but also make their life better.

These are the types of dog training services available at Ican Dog Training in LagosIf you want to train your furry companion and make them suitable for therapists, you can contact us. We will provide you with the Ican Training Calendar 2021 in Lagosand you can pick up a convenient date.

Requirements of a Dog

However, we have to mention this, all dogs are suitable for being an excellent therapist, and companion and sometimes some dogs do not qualify to be so. Hence we are providing you with the information on which dogs can fit in our realm.

  1. Dogs between one to three years of age 
  2. Dogs without any visual impairment
  3. Dogs without any physical disability
  4. They should not be response dog

The age barrier is not that strict; however, a dog can be trained very well during that age, which turns out to be the preferred age.

Duration of Training

The training duration of a dog as an assistance dog is almost one to three years. This depends upon the dogs sometimes, but often it lies between these ranges. If you want to know more about it, you can visit our website.


Getting your furry babies as your companion can be one of the most beautiful feelings when fighting a tough battle. Provided the number of loyalty dogs has, they can surely make you feel better and blessed during times of distress.

PlatinumGold 360 Solutions
Sep 22, 2021 16:50
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