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Laser Treatments To Cure Varicose Veins:

Burke Loch
Laser Treatments To Cure Varicose Veins:

The occurrence of varicose veins can be noticed in both men and women. It is a misconception that women patients are more than men. However, research has shown that, in fact, men are more affected by large varicose veins compared to women. Therefore, the conclusion is that both are equally affected by this venous insufficiency.  Visit a vein clinic nearby your location to consult with a vein doctor near me.



Women may be affected by this condition due to pregnancy as during this period they need extra blood for the nutrition of the baby in the womb. Also, they gain extra weight. And this extra weight and blood pressure put additional force on the vein walls making them enlarged, stretched, and twisted. However, it has been seen that the problem goes away after the baby is born. In any case, if the condition does not improve, they may need certain kinds of treatments to get relief.  Get the vein treatment near me under the supervision of a vein specialist near me.


The appearance of varicose veins may be bulging and purplish and can be considered very unsightly for most people. The physical symptoms of varicose veins may include:


  • Aching
  • A burning sensation over the affected area
  • Inflamed ankles
  • Extreme pain in the legs especially at night


People who are used to sitting or standing for long periods, also complain about these indications. In such conditions, they should visit a vein specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment. 

Varicose veins appear bulging and purplish and are considered very unsightly by many individuals. 


Types of varicose vein treatments:


Initially, your doctor may recommend wearing compression stockings and other home remedies that may include; elevation of legs; weight loss; exercise;  and much more. If these methods are not successful other treatments or procedures may be suggested to offer relief from these problematic veins. Before deciding the type of treatment, it is necessary to determine the type of venous insufficiency which can be done with the proper diagnosis at a vein clinic near me



Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins:


A laser comprises a highly focused beam of light. Your doctor uses laser light to treat the varicose veins. Laser energy uses heat energy to damage the diseased veins that form scar tissue. This scar tissue seals the vein.  This closes the blood flow through the treated veins and eventually, they fade away. Get the treatment consultation at a certified vein clinic NY.


Simple laser treatment:


Simple laser treatment is performed on the exterior of the skin. This type of laser treatment is perfect for varicose and spider veins that grow below the skin’s surface. In order to treat the varicose veins, you may require more than one laser session. The professional will schedule them every six to twelve weeks. In any case, if your blood circulation is very poor due to abnormal veins, you may require surgical treatment first. 


Endovenous laser treatment:


Endovenous laser treatment is effective to treat larger varicose veins in the legs. Vein doctor uses a laser fiber which is passed through a thin tube into the vein. During this procedure, the doctor monitors the veins on a duplex ultrasound screen. Laser is a painless procedure while surgical treatments like ligation and stripping may cause slight pain. Also, laser treatments’ recovery time is less than surgical treatment. The doctor administers only local anesthesia or a light sedative for faster treatment. If the treatment is surgical, he may recommend general anesthesia. 


Gather proper information about the treatment before deciding to have it in reality.


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Burke Loch
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