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How to turn off a Samsung cellphone that hangs

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How to turn off a Samsung cellphone that hangs

Currently, there are many smartphones with built-in battery systems or also known as unibody smartphones. Smartphones of this type have a battery that cannot be removed like the majority of cellphones in the past. When someone wants to change the battery of a smartphone with a built-in battery, usually we need a clip and screwdriver to make the casing and flexible which is usually in the battery.

It is called a built-in battery because the battery is usually embedded and attached to the machine by means of a flexible cable, in contrast to the old cellphone batteries which do not require cables at all. By using this kind of built-in battery, there are many advantages, such as a very simple example of allowing the smartphone to be more waterproof because the casing can be made more tightly. Not only that, the soft lithium polymer battery can be better maintained if it is implanted directly in the smartphone body.

With a little description above, you can understand why there are currently many smartphones using built-in batteries. Especially now that almost all the latest smartphones use a built-in battery system. But of course where there are advantages there are always disadvantages. One of them is when the battery life has decreased or has dropped, smartphone users will have a little difficulty changing the battery.

Not only that, there are also problems that seem trivial but very meaningful. That is when the smartphone hangs or is stuck we will have trouble removing the battery to remove energy from the battery so that the smartphone turns off and restarts. When using a regular battery (not a built-in battery) when the smartphone hangs we can easily remove the battery, after that we turn on the smartphone again. Then is there a method of overcoming a smartphone hang for a smartphone with a planted battery, here's the trick.

How to turn off a planted Samsung cell phone that is experiencing a hang or stuck. If you experience these problems, there is no need to panic, just follow https://www.bursahpsamsung.com/2021/03/cara-mematikan-hp-samsung.html these steps:

1. Press the power button and volume down for a few seconds

The majority of smartphones with built-in batteries to turn off the cellphone so that it restarts when stuck or hangs is by pressing the power button (lock button) and volume down button (to turn down the sound) for a few seconds. If you press the power button and volume down for just a moment, it will usually serve as a screenshot, but if you press it for a long time it will restart the smartphone. But there are also smartphones that when the volume down and power buttons are pressed simultaneously for a few seconds, the screen and restart options appear, so we just select restart.

2. Press the Power, Volume up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously

If in fact pressing the power button and volume down does not make your smartphone turn off when it hangs, you can use the second method is to press the power button (lock button), the volume up button (the button to increase the sound) and the volume down button (the button to decrease the sound). ), the three buttons are pressed simultaneously for a few seconds until the smartphone turns off and restarts itself. This method is generally tried for Android smartphones from Motorola with built-in batteries.

3. Wait until the battery runs out

If in fact the previous two methods did not solve the problem, the last method is to wait until the energy is completely exhausted. After the smartphone dies, it will be energized again by charging your battery until it is full, then turn the smartphone back on.

4. Observe the instructions in the guide novel

When you buy a smartphone in the box, there is usually a guide book about all the uses and methods of using the smartphone. Look for ways to overcome these problems, usually in manuals there is a method of turning off your smartphone when it hangs. Because the method used for your smartphone is different from the method used by other smartphones.

Bursa HP Samsung
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