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Sam Dorthy

Before I head out for the weekend, I thought I’d put up a post summarizing my current findings on one night stands that I’ll refer to as Assanova’s Simplicity 2.5 since I’m not writing another guide yet. Like I said, I don’t believe that there is a person out there that does this better than me as far as making sense of it goes. You’ll often find that everyone else out there teaching ONS night game either complicates it to the point where it is difficult to replicate, or they refuse to acknowledge hidden factors that they have in place. Anyhow, let’s begin:

What Is Your Pull?

As I mentioned in a previous post, with every single one night stand I had, there was some kind of pull that led women to me. Cold approaching simply isn’t efficient, and in many cases, actually works against you when the women that might otherwise choose you see you trying to pick up other women. If you have a pull, you are MUCH more likely to be able to have one night stands.

Now what is a pull? It is something that either draws women to you, or something that causes women to give you invitations to approach (eye contact, close proximity to you hoping that you’ll talk to her). Every guy that wants to have a one night stand NEEDS a pull. Most pulls are things that set you ABOVE other men in the eyes of women, and NOT EQUAL to other men. And yes, I’m referring to all of you guys that think that dressing similar to other men is OK. It’s not. You need to dress BETTER than most men.

What are types of pulls? Your looks can be a pull. For instance, are you more beautiful than most men? Are you buffer than most men? Do you dress better than most men? You can easily answer this question by taking a look at the other men around you wherever you plan on pulling your women from.

There is also the social pull. Are you the leader of a group/social circle with women in it? Do you have V.I.P. and bottle service that causes women to notice you? Are you surrounded by beautiful women that causes other women to want to know who you are? Are you the guy that has money that causes women to wanna be around you? Are you the guy throwing parties and holding social events that causes women to wanna be around you? Are you the guy that knows all of the cool stuff going on that causes women to wanna be around you?

And finally, there is the talent pull. Are you famous for any reason? Are you really good at an art form or activity that women are going to notice? Here’s a tip: if you have a talent, then you need to be displaying it where women are going to know about it.

If you have a pull, everything is going to be easy for you. It is much easier to develop a pull than it is to cold approach x amount of women to get one lay. I know guys that have been cold approaching for years and still haven’t gotten laid. And there are a few guys that have gotten laid, but it was more of a result of getting lucky and finding a super slut that would fuck anything. This was confirmed when three separate guys all unknowingly picked up the same three girls and fucked them at three different times.

Evidence that gurus use a pull? Paul Janka has great looks, dresses better than most men, and an apartment in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in NYC. Mystery travels with women, is taller than most men, and dresses like a rockstar. Matador has his looks and is a body builder. Player Supreme is a fitness trainer. Tariq Nasheed dresses better than most men. Johnny Soporno uses his porn industry social connections. And some gurus use the whole V.I.P. thing. In fact, I’d say that pull is the one thing that every guru has in common.

Every guy out there smashing girls, including me, has some kind of pull that instantly places him above other men and draws the attention of women towards him. This is why running game is so easy for such men. The only time you don’t need a pull is when the stars are aligned and a woman is choosing you simply because you happen to fit the mold of the type of guy she goes for by chance.

Direct versus Indirect

I’ll tell you this right now, once you have a pull, you don’t need routines, and my data proves this. Women will already be choosing you. Everything should be easy if you have a pull. However, I didn’t want to discuss routines here, as they are not a major part of my game. If anything, they’re just time fillers and not meant to take over the conversation.

OK, so you already know that I’ve slept with women using indirect style game, as well as by being completely direct by telling women that I want to have sex with them, so which way is the right way? It depends on the type of girl you’re dealing with. Going over my data, I have an answer to this once and for all.

With the more aggressive types of women that like to give you shit, challenge you, and are bitchy towards you in an “I’m attracted to you” kind of way, go direct with them, they’ll appreciate it. However, with the more quiet, “lady” types, indirect is your answer. With the more aggressive in your face type girls, you can openly make sexual comments and suggestions. With the lady types, sex talk is out of the question; you gotta lead them to sex without mentioning it. I covered this in the conversation part of my guide on One Night Stands.

Charisma versus Quiet Confidence

Should you be the talkative guy, or should you be the quiet confident type saying the absolute minimal. It depends. If you consider yourself more of an extrovert, then by all means you should be telling stories. However, if you’re the quiet confident type, then by all means, keep your mouth shut, ask questions, and keep the woman talking.

Whatever the case, don’t get in your own way by saying something completely unnecessary. Most of the time, when a guy loses a girl, it’s because he said something offensive or he gave up too much info about himself. Just go with whatever you’re the most comfortable with. I can be both extroverted and introverted at times, but seeing that I’m more of an introvert, I’ve pulled more one night stands by being the quiet confident type. Both work.

Now I know that there are going to be guys that say “But I am the quiet confident type, and I don‘t get ONS‘s”, and guys that say “But I am the talkative type, and I don‘t get ONS‘s”. Well, your problem isn’t any of the above. Your problem is that you’re cold approaching and you don’t have a pull to get a woman’s attention and draw her towards you. Once you have a pull, women are staying regardless of if you’re charismatic or the quiet confident type. As I’ve stated before, I’ve pulled being both types of guys.

Be A Man

I am not here to teach guys that don’t know what sex they are. If a woman is choosing up on you, then it is up to you to talk to her. Even if you’re an introvert, you need to be making conversation by asking her a few non-typical questions and relating to her. And don’t ask me how to talk to girls, because it simply comes with experience and nothing I tell you is going to give you 10, 20, 30 minutes of conversation, or however long it takes to sleep with her.

What I will say is that as a man, it is up to you to lead her. You need to lead the conversation to wherever you want to take it, whether it is to your place, leading up to a kiss, or leading up to sex. It is up to you to lead. You need to be making all the moves, and you need to be giving her direction as to what you want her to do/go next. And like I said, being a quiet guy is no excuse not to be a man. Even when I am quiet, I lead everything. Never doubt yourself, and always assume the sale.

Take Advantage Of Opportunity

Do not wait around for things to happen. Sometimes, the girl will make things happen, but that’s rare. If you happen to notice an opportunity to take a girl home, then do it. If you happen to see a girl looking at you or choosing up on you, then go for it. If you happen to be alone with a girl and see an opportunity to kiss and go for sex, then go for it. You get my point. Don’t wait around for things to go wrong. When the opportunity presents itself for you to do something, then do it before it’s too late. No bullshit excuses. And remember, when in doubt, go for it.

Don’t Give Her What She Wants

This is another important principle. If she is already choosing you, and you have something that she wants, as long as you don’t give it to her, she will follow you wherever you want to go. For some women, this is validation. In my story about the black chick, I wouldn’t acknowledge that she was a good stripper and she followed me all the way back to my apartment. In my story about the virgin, I wouldn’t acknowledge that she was a cheerleader, and she took me all the way to her apartment to do so.

With Cornfed, I wouldn’t acknowledge that she was hot. And with some girls, I wouldn’t let them touch me or kiss me. My point is that as long as you have something that they want, they’re going to follow you wherever you want to go. Never forget that.

So when should you start giving them validation? Whenever you’re on your way to go have sex, or you are in the sex location. Anytime before that, then you risk losing the girl. Once she is already on the way to go have sex with you, or in a location to have sex with you, she will be so far invested in you that giving her validation isn’t going to work against you.

Get Rid Of Obstacles

You can eliminate a lot of obstacles by not inviting them in the first place. This includes any wingmen that bring down your value, guys that like to cockfarm around you every time you talk to a girl, and her friends. In fact, if you’re leaving with a girl, I highly recommend that you leave alone or with no more than ONE wingman that knows what you’re trying to do and doesn’t get in your way.

When you’re leaving with a girl, I don’t care who you’re with, you need to say “hey, we’re leaving, just us two.”. If you invite her friends, the chances of you getting laid go down. If you invite your friends, the chances of you getting laid go down. You absolutely need to leave alone unless she happens to have ONE friend that just happens to be into your wingman as well.

What about if you have a friend spending the night? It’s simple. Just tell him that you’re leaving alone with a girl, that you’ll leave the door unlocked, and not to show up for at least 30 minutes. Knowing that you have thirty minutes, you need to take the girl directly to your bedroom as soon as you get to your place, or move her there within thirty minutes. If you can’t get a girl into your bedroom within thirty minutes, then you most likely aren’t going to sleep with her anyway.

One more thing that I want to cover, is getting rid of other guys. If some random guy thinks that he is going to roll up into your set, then simply tell him that he needs to leave. No AMOG tactics or routines necessary. Just pure balls.

Where To Go

Obviously, your apartment is going to be your first choice. If you’re spending the night with a friend, then you need to tell him what you’re trying to do and see if he is cool with what you’re trying to do. Your third option is to simply ask the girl where she lives and go to her place. HOWEVER, if you have a car, and you know you have no place to take her, don’t ask about her place until you are in your car. Why? Because if you ask her about her place and you have nowhere to take her, then she’s just going to turn around, but if you wait until you’re in your car, you can just fuck her in there if she doesn’t wanna go to her place.

To Conclude

As you can see, if you’re sticking to women that are choosing you because of your pull, everything else is going to fall into line. However, if you’re wasting time on cold approaches, you’re going to run into a lot of problems on your way to sex, and chances are, those problems and obstacles are going to work against you.

As I stated in my guide about one night stands, when I stuck with women that were choosing me because of my pull, then everything else was easy for me. Think of your pull as the foundation to your game. Before you do anything else, you need to develop your pull. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

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