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Instagram Chatbots: How to Master Conversational AI On Social Media

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Instagram Chatbots: How to Master Conversational AI On Social Media

Instagram Chatbots are becoming the need of the hour and having a good command over conversational AI on social media is a must and nowadays many leading brands are migrating the majority of their customer service efforts to Instagram.

The channel has already skyrocketed the fame of influencers and attracting new users each passing day for becoming the one.

The impact of Instagram, along with other social channels such as YouTube, can be understood via the fact that 1 in 5 British children seeing becoming an influencer as an attractive career choice.

Now we’re seeing nearly 85% of users rely on Instagram before making a purchase 

Therefore, Instagram chatbots are going to play a vital role, and mastering conversational AI can be turned out beneficial for your business on this channel.


Instagram Chatbot: Robotics the Repetitive, Humanise the Brand

One of the main attractions of an Instagram chatbot is the efficiency they provide. Every copy-paste of an FAQ a human agent has to send in their DMs is time they could have spent on high-value activities.

Naturally, automating repetitive and mundane tasks is a chatbot’s bread and butter. Complex processes can be replicated within a conversation builder and FAQs can be automated with immediate response times.

But, we’re not interested in creating a forgettable Instagram chatbot.

We’re creating a chatbot that dissociates itself from its peers, emerging top of the competition.

So, once you’ve improved efficiency through automation, what’s next?

You review your chatbot’s responses and conversations, looking for opportunities to build your brand.

Important note: It should be clear that the user is engaging with a chatbot. You don’t want a user mistaking your chatbot for a human agent.

Tweak occasional FAQ responses to include elements that match your tone of voice, such as including quirky responses or re-iterating a commitment to professionalism.

Keep in mind the chatbot’s primary purpose. Don’t let any tweaks you make get in the way of helping your user base.

You want a branded chatbot that appeals to users while efficiently assisting them.

The following flow helps you refine a chatbot’s conversations without bloating them:

  1. If I tweak this, does it take any longer for the user to reach their desired goal?
  2. Does this make engaging with the chatbot more complex/confusing for non-tech savvy users?

If the answer to both these questions is no, you’re likely good to go.

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