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How Drones Can Revolutionize Real Estate Marketing

Md Selim Reza
How Drones Can Revolutionize Real Estate Marketing

How Drones Can Revolutionize Real Estate Marketing

If you follow the latest tech trends, you’ll likely already be familiar with drones. These are the small, versatile flying robots you often find whizzing around parks and neighborhoods. But drones are much more than the latest gizmo fad. In fact, for real estate agents, drones have the potential to revolutionize home marketing. That’s because they can be mounted with HD cameras, capturing images, video, overhead maps, and even 360 panoramas of a property.
But is this just the newest tech fashion? Or is it a genuine game-changer for the real estate market? We investigate below.

Types of properties using drones

Currently, both residential and commercial properties are using drones. However, how realtors use drones for these types of properties differs:
For residential properties, drones are often used to take spectacular aerial shots of a house. That’s not just about capturing the money shot, however. Aerial photographs can quickly demonstrate the size of a property, the number of outbuildings, the scale of accompanying land, and more.
On the other hand, drones allow buyers to investigate all areas of a commercial property. Damage at higher levels can be readily inspected, examining where future renovations may be necessary. Drones can even take a 360-degree panorama of a site. Even better, potential buyers can zoom, rotate, or tilt the image: exploring their purchase till they’re satisfied.

Benefits of using drones for real estate

Here are some of the top benefits of using drones for aerial photography in real estate:

Better quality pictures

As people, we’re limited by where we can go. Try to take a picture of your house, and you’ll fail to capture the roof. Worse, the angle you pick may make the property look smaller or fail to capture the broader area. With a drone, none of that is an issue. The drone can be positioned perfectly to include all relevant features. Garages, roofs, gutters, vents, gardens, and more can all be captured in scale to one another; where, typically, these features may be difficult to photograph.


Property prices are rarely determined only by the building itself. Proximity to shops, schools, freeways and other amenities is also essential. Indeed, being near a good school is a major house price boost.
If your property boasts a stellar location, show it off with a high aerial shot of the surrounding area. For commercial properties, it can show how central their premises are to the wider area and the type of clientele they can expect.
Before, you’d need a helicopter to take such pictures. Now it’s as simple as hiring a drone.

Higher return on investment

There’s a simple reason why 73% of home sellers prefer to work with agents using drones: they work. Expect more interest from buyers and a higher sales value. According to MLS statistics, on average, homes with aerial images sold 68% quicker.

Last thoughts

Drone technology is set to continue to revolutionize real estate in the coming years. For homeowners and realtors already embracing the tech, the benefits are enormous. It helps your property stand out from the crowd. Just make sure to hire a professional with prior experience to guarantee the highest quality shots.

Md Selim Reza
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