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Decorating The Nursery? Follow These Window Treatments Dos And Don’ts

Sandy Williams
Decorating The Nursery? Follow These Window Treatments Dos And Don’ts

Window treatments enhance the look of your windows and also helps control privacy and lighting. There are so many types of window treatments available to choose from like vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, roller blinds, drapes, and curtains and each has its unique sets of benefits. When choosing window treatment in Vero Beach for nursery you will need to choose a material that looks good and is also safe. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to nursery window treatments.





  • Install Short Length Draperies And Curtains


When dressing up the nursery window avoid using floor-length drapes. A toddler may easily get their hands on a floor-length curtain and they may try to pull it down or climb up on it posing safety threats. Also, they may wipe their hands or nose with it if it is too close to reaching. To avoid such mishaps, it is best to keep the drape length short and out of reach of children.



  • Ensure Proper Installation


Blind casings and curtain rods can be pretty dangerous if they fall and can injure your child, so you need to make sure that the installation is proper so that there is no risk of injury. Also, for maximum safety, ask the installers to fix the hardware directly to the wall or with appropriate drywall anchors so that there is no risk of the rods falling off. 



  • Consider A Valance


If you are planning to install window blinds, then you can opt for valances. A valance improves the look of the blinds by softening the appearance and also adds some color to the room. You can even go for a cornice box for a more dramatic effect. They lend more structure to the valance and are also visually appealing.



  • Choose Some Patterns


When it comes to a nursery, fun colors and patterns are always welcome. They make your kid’s room more lively and can also match your theme. Select a nice pattern all across the room for a more cohesive look or you can go bold by introducing multiple patterns or bold colors across the room. 



  • Always Childproof The Window Treatments


A lot of blinds come with cords exposed and they can pose serious safety threats. There have been many cases where the child has strangled themselves with the cords and as such these risks need to be mitigated. Before you leave a child alone in the room ensure that all the cords are safely tucked away from reach so that there is no risk of injury or accidents. Some blinds also feature breakaway cords that break when stress is applied and as such the chances of injury are reduced. Childproof the window treatment in Palm City to ensure a safe nursery for your kid.





  • Avoid Using Tension Rods


Tension rods operate by a spring-loaded mechanism and they are not attached to the wall so there is always the risk of the rod falling if the child pulls on the curtain panel too hard. This can give a nasty bump to your kid if it hits them so avoid using these rods.



  • Embellished Curtains Are A Big No


Avoid using embellished curtains in a toddlers’ room. Curtains with beading or any other type of beading may also pose a safety risk as the beadings may become loose over time or come off when the child pulls on them. The child may ingest the beads posing choking hazards. Keep the draperies simple, short with nice colors or patterns. 



  • Don’t Wait To Install The Curtain Last


When decorating your child’s room do not wait to install the curtain last. The fabric elements should always be chosen at the beginning so that you have a number of options to choose from and you can always match the color of the room later according to the textiles. With the room painted first, it becomes hard to choose the fabric to match the room and you may have to give up on something that you may love.

Sandy Williams
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