Top Sewer Line Services—Explained

Mark Sainz

Sewer lines are responsible for getting rid of wastewater. You know, the water that goes down your drains. This is an important task and one that, when working, we don't think very much about. However, when something does go wrong, it's quite an inconvenience. When it comes to sewer line services and repairs, there are tons of options your plumber can help you with. Let's review some of the most commonly used sewer line services and when you can benefit from them.


Drain Cleaning By Snaking


Snaking a drain is the most common drain cleaning solution available. It takes a metal line, shoved down your drain line for the purpose of removing any clogs. It is highly effective and much safer than using chemicals. In fact, it's recommended by most in the plumbing world to avoid drain cleaning solutions that contain chemicals. It can corrode the lining of your plumbing pipe, causing more problems than it helps.




Other options your Sonoma plumber can assist you with include hydro jetting. Unlike snaking a drain that uses no water, hydro jetting exclusively uses high-pressured water to unblock stubborn clogs. Hydro-jetting can also be used to reset your plumbing lines removing all caked-on dirt and debris stopping drains from flowing as they should.


Leak Detection


Another common service offered by plumbers is a leak detection test. With leak detection, they can tell if your sewer line is having issues at the fixture or down the line. This is highly effective and time-saving. Most companies will use advanced technology such as inline cameras to identify the source of leaks. If you suspect a leak contact your plumber right away. 


Sewer Line Repairs


When your sewer line needs to be repaired, such as having a break in the line, your plumber can offer a variety of services. They may perform a trenchless sewer repair or have excavation services. With trenchless repairs, your yard isn't dug up, and a replacement sleeve will be used to fix cracks and breaks in the line. With an excavation service, the entire pipe will be exposed, allowing the plumber to replace the pipe as needed. It depends on what technology your plumber has invested in, as to which they will choose. It may also depend on the severity of the case.

As you can see, there are quite a few services available for your sewer line system. If you're having issues such as a soggy yard, or a drain line that is flowing back into your property, it's important to contact a plumber right away.

Mark Sainz
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