Advantages of Divorce Mediation Over

Ashu Agarwal

When people come to the realization that their marriage is going to end, they often hesitate to take the necessary steps to begin the divorce process because they are concerned about many negative possibilities. 

These possibilities include a long, protracted divorce fight, enormous legal expenses and permanent feelings of anger towards each other. 

People who are in this position would benefit greatly by seeking the advice and input of a mediation attorney in San Diego so that they can obtain an understanding of an alternative route to ending their marriage.

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Below you will find information regarding advantages presented by mediating a divorce process as opposed to enduring a grueling San Diego court divorce. 

You will also find information regarding how you can contact an experienced divorce mediation lawyer in San Diego to schedule an initial consultation so that you and your spouse can learn more about the possibilities this process brings to the dissolution of a marriage.


Many people who have gone through a San Diego court divorce have suffered through several years of litigation.  Some cases involve protracted battles over every issue that must be clarified in order for a court to legally dissolve a marriage. 

Fortunately, mediation offers those who want to end a marriage an opportunity to complete the process in as little as a few weeks as opposed to many years, as the couple works together with a third party to negotiate a settlement on these same issues.


Many couples have heard or even experienced the horror story regarding the slow drainage of all of the assets that they have spent years accumulating so that they could pay for legal fees to fund a nasty San Diego court divorce. 

Working with a mediation attorney in San Diego can help a couple avoid these costly legal fees because they avoid the court system and all of the expenses that come along with this particular process. 

Clearly, being able to start anew with some foundation of assets will help everyone who goes through this process.


Every San Diego court divorce is a difficult process for everyone involved.  When every issue winds up as a fight, the parties to a divorce often emerge from this process with permanent feelings of anger and antagonism towards each other. 

This is harmful for many reasons, especially if there are children of the marriage and the spouses will need to deal with each other in the future. 

A divorce mediation lawyer in San Diego can help a couple complete this process so that the parties can remain civil towards each other in the future.

If you are facing the end of your marriage and you want to avoid a San Diego court divorce, you need to seek the advice of an experienced mediation attorney in San Diego who can introduce you to an alternative solution. 

Contact the law office of James D. Scott today to schedule an initial consultation.

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Ashu Agarwal
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