Is College Or University Really Worth It?

daniel smith

As a recent college graduate, I have often asked myself the same question. Is college or university really worth it? The majority of students that I ran into were enamored with the idea of going to school.

Most of them expressed that they felt that by attending their chosen university, they would be learning more about themselves as well as growing as individuals.

However, after doing some research, I discovered that there are many drawbacks to going to college or university and one of them is not hiring a 'write my essay' service for your assignments. I am not sure if this is because I am now an adult and fully capable of making decisions regarding my own future, but it is more likely a case of my inexperience.

It is also something that I have been guilty of since I was in high school. Granted, college is definitely worth it, especially considering the fact that it allows someone to broaden their knowledge base. It broadens the individual's perspective and allows them to experience new things.

However, for most people, going to college or university is a waste of time and money. There are a lot of negatives that come with this decision. First, there is the obvious cost of boarding and lodging, fees, etc. The cost of getting an education can sometimes be as much as $1000 per year, depending on what a person chooses to major in.

Another negative is that college will often not prepare a person for the real world. College can be like a sheltered existence where a person is shielded from the harsh realities of life. After college, most people have no real-life experience.

In the real world, a person needs to experience things such as handling money, dealing with people, working out problems, etc.

When thinking about going back to college, another thing to consider is the cost of getting an education.

Usually, it costs several thousand dollars to go to college each year. Moreover, it costs additional to hire a cheap paper writer online for your educational work. Plus, some people end up taking loans during college, which adds to the debt load. A person may only see financial relief after graduation.

Another reason why people consider not going back to college is that they are interested in a career that requires more education. For example, medicine or law. These careers require a higher level of education.

Sometimes, these careers require additional training and education. Therefore, going to a university may be a good idea if the career doesn't involve much work.

Is college or university really worth it? There are many benefits to getting an education, and many reasons to avoid going to college. A person must think for themselves. The decision to go to college or university is really up to the individual.

If a person has to decide between going to college or university, then they should take the time to research all options.

However, it's always a good idea to take some kind of class just in case they change their mind at any point. Some people even regret going to college when they graduate.

Whatever the case may be, a person should do what makes them happy. For many people, going to college or university is one of those things.

However, most agree that a four-year degree is necessary in order to get a good job in today's society. A college education can help in this regard. In addition, a person will develop skills that will be beneficial in their career. The same can be said for a university degree.

For example, many engineers, doctors, and other professionals have received their education at university. Therefore, it can certainly be said that education definitely pays off.

People also wonder if they will find employment after graduating. This is another reason why they ask the question "Is college or university really worth it?" They should consider what will happen if they do not get a job after graduation.

For example, if they don't get a job in the field that they wanted to major in, they may end up with no choice but to attend a community college or technical school. The experience that they gain from such classes could further help them in their future endeavors.

The point that must be remembered is that a person will always have to work regardless of what they do or don't do in college or university. Therefore, a person should never base their future solely on whether they go to a particular college or university and hire an essay writer free for their assignments.

They should also consider the fact that they will always have to pay their bills no matter how much they study. Therefore, they are advised to go ahead and enjoy their education. 

daniel smith
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