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About The Company:

Arora Designs is a Dallas web design company that specializes in quality custom web design, e-commerce and online marketing services in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas. Here at Arora Designs we believe in three things above all else: quality, efficiency, and simplicity. We’re a Dallas web design company that’s streamlined our business services to be extremely accessible and economical to any business looking for custom web design, logo design, online marketing, SEO services, e-commerce, and simple website editor capabilities rora Designs is a growing and debt-free web design company in Dallas, TX that specializes in innovative custom website design, brand identity, content management and SEO. Our intense interest in finding new ways to merge design and technology has garnered us a lot of recognition for our work. Creating exciting designs and integrating them with the best technologies and marketing solutions is second nature to us – and we absolutely love to do it. We’re located in the Dallas – Fort Worth – DFW, TX area and accept new clients locally as well as nationally and internationally. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t be afraid to contact us.

Also, don’t forget to check out our latest news blog. We do our best to write helpful and informative articles about search engine optimization (SEO), design, advertising, marketing, case studies, and various thoughts and findings about our industry as well as our clients’ industries. Don’t have time to check out our website every day? Subscribe to our blog’s RSS feed to keep track of the latest helpful and informative articles we’re writing here at Arora Designs. You can also follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or visit our profile on LinkedIn. Our mission is to provide affordable, high quality design and development services for all of our clients. In order to make everything as smooth, simple and hassle-free as possible for all clients, we will actively promote a contract-free and stress-free business environment. We will do our best to assuage any fears and doubts our clients may have by taking care of any and all technical details associated with our services so that our clients will not have to. Honesty, integrity, quality, speed, and trust are concepts we will do our absolute best to embody every day, with every client, with every transaction – no exceptions.

Contact Information:

301 Commerce St

Fort Worth, Tx 76102

YOU CAN CALL US: 817-601-5086

YOU CAN EMAIL US: [email protected]

YOU CAN FAX US: 866-276-7238

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Arora-Designs/125002464180841?sk=info


1.As someone who rarely finds complete satisfaction with external work, I have to say that I constantly find myself smiling at what Arora has created here. I can confidently say that I am elated with the site and the design that Arora has developed. It not only gives us a unique and appealing identity, but creates a functional and fluid experience for our users that they can’t find elsewhere. I am happy to say that this is the best looking game site that I have ever seen, and can’t wait to share it with the Internet masses. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, Arora Designs did an amazing job here!”

-Joshua Garwood, CEO and EIC

The Game Effect

2.With unbridled enthusiasm, we are honored to have Arora Designs as a service provider to our firm. I came to them for help with my ‘do it yourself’ website. Arora was gracious and patient as they helped me work within the bounds of the tool I had previously selected (GoDaddy’s website tonight). Conscientious, professional and knowledgeable are consistent characteristics of every interaction with Arora. After hitting the ceiling with Website Tonight, Arora transferred my site to their new design tool and hosting environment. The key to this switch was that with the new system Arora had released, I had full control over the content of the site which was critical for us. The difference is amazing; we are PROUD of our site now! The editor is SIMPLE yet POWERFUL, and Arora has been gracious with questions I had along the way. We incorporated a blog and an active event calendar. And Arora was kind about correcting my design errors (I am not a graphics person, website designer, or anything close to those professions). With well over 50 pages of content, Arora’s help with SEO and an editor that I can use, we are on the map! I also made sure to dot I’s and cross T’s before making the switch in terms of system reliability and redundancy, as well as business continuity since Arora is a small firm. All passed muster exceedingly well. In a word, Arora continues to far exceed my expectations.”

-Kimberly Pauley, COO

Pauley Financial Services, Inc.

3.”I came to Arora Designs for a custom website because I knew the designers and love their art work. They constantly blow me away with the thought they put into each of their pieces – they literally create slices of individualized innovative artwork in websites custom built for each of their customers! I called Arora Designs and spoke to one of their designers on the phone – told him my idea for a website. Although my ideas were scattered and my excitement probably overwhelming, Arora Designs was able to hone in to the ideas I had, get a feel for the direction I wanted to go, and had a prototype out to me by the end of the week. I was so surprised, because it was – perfect. I expected to have to go back and forth and thought that perhaps I hadn’t been as articulate as I would have liked… but they NAILED it! The design was fantastic – better than I could have hoped! The logo was so much better than anything I could have designed or thought up myself – and fully representative of my vision for the site as a whole. Anytime I had questions or problems with the site, the designers were fully accessible and willing to take the time and help me figure things out! I've had bad experiences with my company’s IT guys and am used to being talked down to when my level of computer literacy isn’t the same as theirs – but not Arora Designs! Even though I was aware that some of my questions were probably stupid, they never made me feel that way, and carefully answered all of my questions. I thought there would be no way that I could

get a custom designed and built website that fit my budget, but immediately discussed my budget restrictions with Arora Designs, and they assured me that they would be able to work with me without sacrificing the things that were most important to me! I have had so many compliments on the design of my website – it’s truly unique! I am quick to refer all of my friends and family to Arora Designs, as I am absolutely confident that they will extend the same level of care to all of their clients.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

-Elissa, Reason Treason

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4.”I began with Arora Designs over a year ago, on my current website. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Chris! We collaborated together to create a logo and website for my company; with his graphic design knowledge, raw talent and artistic eye – combined with my ideas, the end result was exactly what I was looking for! The initial process of creating the foundation was quick, fun and enjoyable. Over the next year we worked together monthly on business cards, brochures, flyers, a car decal and as many website updates as desired! As always, there was clear, friendly and prompt communication by phone and email. Chris, you are the very best – thank you!”

-Nicole, Harmonious Spaces

5.”Our team wanted a design that was worthy of our site content. We’re a web gallery that specializes in beautiful web 2.0 websites that include CSS as well as Flash designs. We didn’t want to start another wordpress website gallery or any other template looking site. So, we contacted Arora Designs for a custom website that we stressed should be extremely different from the rest of the websites of its kind. When we first saw the artwork Arora had designed for us, our mouths dropped open. We hadn’t imagined it would be as great as it turned out. Since then, our site has been featured on dozens of other web galleries, and is even going to be printed in the next Web Design Index book this year. Thanks Arora!”

-The Beautiful 2.0 Team, Beautiful 2.0


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