How to Plan Spiti Vallley Trip in Winters


If Spiti Valley in summers will treat you with glacial lakes and green landscapes, the winters will introduce you to the frozen beauty of the valley. With cold days and colder nights, you will still appreciate the rustic landscapes for what they are; a true marvel on earth. The whole valley is like a snow blanket at this time of the year, making it colder but also even more stunning. But before you get lost in the dreams of a white paradise, it’s important that you are aware of what it’s like to visit the Spiti Valley in winters and what all you need to prepare yourself for.

Only Dry Pits

Due to harsh weather conditions, pipe water freezes in winter Spiti Valley during this time. Therefore, toilets are locked for the season and only dry pits are used. Dry pits also don’t have any water available. Washrooms will also be sans water, so for people who can’t live without taking a bath every day you might want to sit this one out.

Basic Homestays

Hotels and guest houses are shut for the winters in Spiti Valley due to lack of customers and harsh weather conditions. You will only get accommodation in homestays where you will have to adjust with the locals. There will be no room service, filter water bottles or mechanics at such places. You will have to be prepared for anything and everything.

Road Blockages

Roads in Spiti Valley can close for a few days up to several weeks and months. Not only could this blockage derail your Spiti Valley trip but also have you stuck in the valley for longer than you planned. Although, a month is rare but it has happened before. So, just in case keep a few days spare for any misgivings if you’re planning on visiting Spiti valley in winters.

Slippery Roads

If a road trip to Spiti Valley is what you’ve planned for this winter, then be ready to encounter a lot of snow and ice on the roads. This will make the roads slippery and it will be difficult for anybody with less experience to drive on such a risky route. One hard brake could lead to a crash with no help in sight. So, only drive yourself if you’re confident that you can do it.

Empty Roads

Since, life is so difficult in the Spiti Valley in winters; people usually skip a Spiti Valley tour if they want to take a trip in the winter season. With fewer tourists around, any hope of shared vehicles of public transports is gone. Even the buses working in this season will stop at any giving point if the conductor feels there is a danger point ahead.

No Electricity

From a couple of days to weeks and even months, electricity is not available in these areas as the electrical poles either get swayed or get buried in the snow. So, remember to carry an ample number of batteries with you. Keep these batteries in a safe and warm place as they will also get frozen and exhaust themselves otherwise. This goes for your phones as well. 

No Mobile Signals

Just like electricity, even mobile signals can be out for a few weeks or months. So, whenever you get the chance, contact your friends and family members and assure them of your safety. During your trip to Spiti Valley in this season, take any chance you can get; WIFI in a bank or a hotel running a generator etc. Also, it is better to contact through WhatsApp than to hope for a phone call.

Minimum Medical Help

Strive to carry your own medical supplies; basic and on-going to last you a long time. Spiti Valley is low on medical facilities and even if there is a medical emergency, a helicopter has to be used to drop the patient off to the nearest major help that is Shimla. If the helicopter will actually be available or be able to fly off in these terrible weather conditions is still to be questioned.

Less Places to Visit

Most tourist destinations are closed in winters due to blockage of road. Tourist villages like Dhangkar, Lhalung, Demul, Langza, and Lhalung are all inaccessible to tourists. So, the numbers of places to visit in Spiti Valley in winters are less in numbers. Some of them can be reached on foot but don’t count on it. Ki-Kibber is a surety though as the roads leading up to it are always open. 

Trekking and Some more of it

Since, most of the tourist destinations in Spiti Valley are closed for winters due to road blockage, a lot of tourists prefer walking to these destinations if possible. Yet, don’t take a solo backpacking trip to the villages especially those on higher altitude as there is always the risk of slipping on these icy roads. Take a tour guide or a local villager who knows how to navigate this route.

A Life-Changing Trip

Even with all these tough situations to deal with, Spiti Valley in winters is still one of the greatest decisions you will make in your life. The locals there are full of warmth and will make the stay for you as hospitable as possible. You will also realize what a challenge it is to live in such harsh conditions and your life at home will seem much easier and pleasant after this trip.

We hope this list helped get more perspective in the kind of trip you will have and the all the things you need to prepare for if you want to visit the Spiti Valley. Even though trip to Spiti Valley is a great idea for you next winters, a bike trip to Spiti Valley might not be the greatest option for people with less tolerance for cold. You can instead see how to reach Spiti Valley, Spiti Lahore packages, and itinerary for Spiti all here. You will also find several options for Spiti Valley tour packages on Captureatrip.com. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now for a pleasant albeit cold trip to the valley of snow these winters.


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