How is gradient mesh different from gradient tool in CorelDraw?

Ritu Bhardwaj

There are different tools available for designers in this creative space. One of them is CorelDraw. It is a vector graphics software which creates different types of vector images using its amazing tools. Its tools are of different kind. When it comes to shapes, it comes with rectangle, elliptical and polygon on the other hand when it comes to colors it has got tools like gradient and gradient mesh. Most of the time beginners get confused between these two types of gradient. So, I’ve prepared this quick blog to explain their main differences today.

Gradient Tool

It gives a blend of colors. In CorelDraw we call it fountain fill. We add colors using color stop and can manage their opacity using opacity stops. Radial and linear are the main one though there are other types of fountain fills available in the software.

Gradient Mesh Tool

We want to add blend of colors on particular points then this tool comes in the play. It comes with diamond shaped boxes in which we fill color which gets blend. You can add as many as points as you want in a particular object. But it is always recommended to make points lesser as it becomes very difficult to handle multiple points. With multiple points, you’ll end up with a kind of net of lines and points which look tricky. So, less is more here.

One more difference is there which make this mesh tool different from an ordinary gradient. It is the editing of nodes. Yes, mesh has the capabilities to edit each and every node in which we fill color. It starts working like a direct path selection tool. So, you can modify the shape of the object in which you’ve filled color using gradient mesh.

I hope this blog made things clear to you. But still if you want to know more about these tools or you want to learn CorelDraw completely then you can follow CorelDraw course which is available on Graphic Design Institute. This institute provides courses which cover training of all the leading designing software applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Corel is there too.

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Ritu Bhardwaj
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