The Facts Why indonesia trademark registration tactics are really important for your business

Aldo Putra


To succeed in indonesia trademark registration tactics, you must first understand the needs and wants of the loyal and potential customers you define. Therefore, in this opportunity article I describe a good branding tactic.


When I was in college, I had time to eat prawn crackers in a restaurant in the Central Jakarta area. The prawn crackers were absolutely delicious, but there was no name or symbol on the bundle. one year through, I tried to stop at the restaurant again and tried to order similar prawn crackers, apparently there were none. Even if I knew the name or if there was a logo on it, I would definitely search and buy directly!


Think if you are the owner of the shrimp crackers business. If your product is truly sought after by customers, but customers cannot find it because your product does not have a name or symbol as the basis of your product identity. You will lose potential sales! and this results in your business not being able to grow.


Of course you don't want that to happen.


From this incident, it is not necessary for the business owner to maintain the quality of the products / services being sold; but need to pay attention to how to make a brand and do branding tactics appropriately.


For more details, here I give an excerpt from Philip Kotler - the father of world marketing, regarding the understanding of brands.


There are several thousand, even millions of business people who sell products that are similar to yours. The brand comes as an identity; to compare the products you manufacture with similar products made by other business people. With a brand, customers can immediately choose which products they will consume.


Meanwhile, indonesia trademark registration itself is defined as an activity to create a name, symbol or identity to compare one product / service with another product / service. Therefore, it is important for entrepreneurs / business owners / start-up founders to consider how the branding for the products / services they want to market.


If you are a businessman who just wants to start a business, chances are you don't feel the need to make a brand because you are quite optimistic about the products that have been made.


But unfortunately, the product / service that you create cannot market itself. You must create a brand for the product / service that you make for various benefits as follows:


  1. Give Your Product / Service Identity


What is the same as what I have given in the previous few paragraphs; the brand serves as an identity. This identity is what compares your product / service to similar products / services that have competitors. The most basic brand identity is the design symbol.

Aldo Putra
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