Sex dolls can really help us

wen xing

When I was in college, one of my psychology teachers told us to raise our hands when we masturbated. Then she told us some information that I took to my grave and started implementing. She said, "Everyone should get to know their body through masturbation and know what turns you on and what doesn't."


There's nothing better than making yourself orgasm. It's not at all like saying you own yourself. The toys just add to the pleasure of the experience. I realized that I don't like vibrators because they are fixed, I like ones that you can pump into you or that you can pull out like a man.


Sex toys have additional benefits like being 100% STD free unless you have an STD yourself, so that's an added benefit.


Sex toys are also more creative. Like I said, there are pumpers, they have sex toys, they release moisture at the end and give you a feeling of completion inside, and more.


In addition, sex toys can add to the eroticism of your sex life with your partner. Experiment, masturbate in front of your partner, let him try a dildo, and give him control over the sex toys to use on you.


My favorite is handcuffs, but only uncuff them. I have read too many true stories about women dying in bed handcuffed because their lover died of a heart attack.


My favorite are the velvet ones with the word slut on them. My second pair were leopard print, but they broke.


As for changing lives, it didn't. Outside of sex, I'm still me. I don't think about more sex, I don't think about masturbation, I don't think about buying new toys, I just live my life.


However, during sexy times alone with others, it changes a lot. I always ask my partner: vanilla, fun or rough and go from there.


Now, some people become obsessed and it affects life. One of my weird obsessions was a man who fell in love with his sex doll. Now, it changed his life. It feels really amazing to have sex with a sex doll. The body of a sex doll drives me crazy. I have a sex doll myself. She has sexy curves. When you have sex with a sex doll, you realize it's a whole new world. Modern sex dolls are similar to real women. I highly recommend that everyone should buy a sex doll.

Now there are many types of sex dolls we can choose the dolls we want according to the type we like, they can be torso dolls or full size dolls, as long as you like you can just pick and choose, if you want to know more then you can check out tpesexdoll.com above, there is more information about sex dolls on there.

wen xing
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