What platforms can you use to attract customers?

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For many of us, LinkenIn is an even weirder and weirder social network than Facebook.  We got too used to our other social networks.  But that's okay.  If you have a business and you need new clients, then you need to give this social network a chance.

 If you turn to the professionals https://www.ergonized.com/blog/docusign-salesforce-integration-stepwise/, you can attract customers, or rather import leads from linkedin to salesforce.

 Two years ago, no one was interested in this social network and did not understand at all what it was for.  But now LinkedIn is simply saved for many.

 Nowhere is there such a willingness to make contact as here.  Linkedin is designed to build business connections, so it's much easier to find potential customers on this social network.  This is a kind of linkedin sales navigator salesforce.

 And today we will look at how customers are usually attracted.


 1. Work on your profile


 A Linkedin profile is your main customer acquisition tool.  Therefore, work on it properly.  Fill in all the points, write about yourself all the information that others should see.  Enter in your profile all the courses and training that you attended.  Let potential clients see that you are trying to continually evolve.

 When choosing a photo for your profile, try to choose where you smile.  Even if it is a photo from a vacation somewhere in Turkey.  It is important that only you are in the photo.  And to make you smile.

 The title and description should contain all the keywords that you think will help customers find you.  Don't be lazy to write down what you do.  Believe me, no one wants to deal with someone who cannot be found out about.  Provide links to all possible resources where you are: twitter, facebook, site with your portfolio.


2. Add friends

Now that your profile is ready, you need to create a network.  Your goal is 500 contacts.  After your network consists of at least 501 contacts, the number of friends in your profile will be displayed as “500+”.  This means that other users will pay more attention to your account.  And, of course, they will want to add you to their contacts.  Therefore, you will no longer need to do mechanical work by adding people.

 Quite a lot of people are protected from unwanted connections, and to add them as friends, you need to enter the email of this person.  You will suffer very much from this at first.  After all, many people you want to add will be protected by a complex request form.  But as soon as you create at least a small audience, and the system understands what you are looking for, Linked will suggest potential friends to you.  And the proposed friends rarely come across complex forms of requests.

 3. Work with groups

 There are many different communities on Linkedin.  Look for groups that match your theme: if you're in the design field, look for design communities.  Try to join about twenty groups.

 The next thing you will need to do is work with these groups.  Communicate in the comments, add your own posts.  By the way, if you add a person with whom you are in the same group as a friend, then it is more likely that he will accept your request.

 And then you can noticeably add the number of new customers to your business.

IT Consulting
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