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GTA 5 laptop requirements to play smoothly

Vishal kale
GTA 5 laptop requirements to play smoothly

GTA 5 laptop requirements to play smoothly


GTA 5 was released way back in 2013 but the demand and craze for this game are immense to date this is a favorite game for many gamers.

While discussing with various entry-level gamers younger generation one of the boys told me that it's my all-time great game and I can do anything to get one laptop to play smooth games such as GTA V or GTA 5.

However, I suggest him if you have the budget then only go for a laptop, or else you can play games on a PC by spending 20 to 30k easily whereas for a laptop you have to spend a few bugs at least above 50k to play GTA 5 smoothly.

As I have seen many users search for laptops under 50000 but honestly you will not be able to get good performance as you have to accept that GTA is a graphics-intensive game where you need dedicated graphics.

For instance, you may play games such as Minecraft without a graphics card but even for Minecraft, I suggest having dedicated graphics to smoothen the game experience.

All in all, the first point I want to make here is while looking for Gta 5 laptop requirements you need to decide your budget and you may have to spend on the best gaming laptop under 55000 to get one perfect laptop for you to play GTA 5.

So, rest I am going to cover all points below for Gta 5 laptop requirements to play smoothly.


Though I have covered the point that it GPU an extensive game but have not elaborated above on which is the best possible graphics card for playing GTA 5 smoothly.

Again, if the budget is allowing you, I suggest you go with an RTX graphics card from Nvidia, there are the best laptop under 85000 in India that allow you to buy RTX graphics cards such as 3050, and 3060.

However, some of the popular brands that provide RTX graphics laptop in mid-budget is Acer, Asus and from HP Victus model is getting quite popular comes around 75k to 80k.

Now it comes to the budget laptop option see if you can spend on the best laptop under 65000, I must say you have the GTX 1650ti option from Asus TUF gaming laptop which can be an excellent pick in the budget as it offers you a powerful CPU, Ram & most importantly 144hz refresh rate.

It will allow you to play games at 60plus FPS smoothly on high to mid settings, if you do not have much of a budget then you can also compromise with NVidia GTX 1650 but you must have a dedicated GPU.

Ram & Storage capacity:

Let me tell you that with good graphical elements this game is very heavy in terms of its size it requires 65GB of free space upfront.

Thus, ram and storage are not negotiable at all, first, let us discuss storage which one is better SSD & HDD.

A solid-state drive (SSD) must be your pick as I said heavy game requires space and at the same time to run a game such as GTA-V you need faster boot time.

HDD is quite slow when compared to SSD literally you can experience downtime up to 10 levels when it comes to the speed of the machine.

So now how much SSD you require is the biggest question and somewhere debatable ideally you have many options of 512GB SSD storage which is definitely a good pick.

But even a laptop that comes with both storage 1TB HDD & 256GB SSD is not at all a bad choice as to run games and heavy software you can save all heavy data in SSD.

And HDD is usable for regular files, now let us understand the importance of ram.

Ram allows you to run multiple applications at once so if you like to do multi-tasking and work on many tabs a good ram is needed, to run GTA smoothly laptop should have an 8GB minimum ram.

Which sufficient in many ways also if any laptop offers you DDR3 memory technology in a laptop this must be avoided and if you choose a laptop with DDR3 it's a big mistake.

As the latest technology of DDR4 is needed for smooth working including games, however, another thing is if you want to play other heavy games such as 4K on high FPS then try to go with a laptop that offers upgradable ram at least up to 16GB.

As 16GB ram is a must for your gameplay for high-end games, the good thing is all almost all the gaming configured laptop comes with an extendable option at least up to 16GB if you are getting 32GB ram upgradability even better for playing games smoothly on heavy games.

So, the conclusion is though for the best laptop for GTA5, 8GB ram is sufficient to play games but always try to get a device that has an upgradeable slot.


There are 2 popular CPU brands in the market right now Intel and AMD, both are making some of the best CPUs that are compatible for work and gaming as well.

Intel is older and yet trusted by many to date, AMD at the other hand had some issues earlier but they have improved its performance,

In fact, if you are looking for a gaming laptop then I must say AMD is a better option though many are still comfortable with intel.

Intel is definitely worth it if you are looking for regular work, but for gaming, I prefer an AMD Ryzen laptop.

It is also important to choose the right generation laptop, for heavy games like GTA 5 powerful CPU is needed to run the device faster,

However, if you are going with an Intel processor then 10th gen i5 is sufficient, and with AMD 4th generation laptop with 3000 series or above is what your aim should be while looking for GTA gaming requirements.

Refresh rate:

The display frame rate is another factor you can ignore as far as gaming is concerned as the higher the refresh rate better to play games at high FPS.

For instance, if your budget is low you may have to settle with a 60hz refresh rate which will be decent for playing games at 60fps settings at low to medium settings.

But if you like to play games at mid to high settings you should go with at least 120hz refresh rate and the ideal will be 144hz.

However, there is the best gaming laptop under 60000 that offers good frame rates between 120hz to 144hz.


I have discussed each point in detail for GTA 5 gaming requirements for laptops, basically, to choose any gaming laptop you need to set your budget around these 4 elements GPU, CPU, storage, and Ram.

If you end up getting the right product you do not need to worry about any lag in performance however other features such as display and battery life.

The display should be between 14” to 17” for gaming purposes and battery life up to 5 hours is considered to be decent in a gaming device anything above 5 hours is excellent.

Vishal kale
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