The Risks Of Tongue Piercing

Ashu Agarwal

Tongue piercing is an oral procedure that is especially popular among young people.  They see it as a “cool thing to do.”  However, it’s actually a health risk.  Given the dangers of tongue piercing, it is advised that the following information be thoroughly considered before getting this procedure performed.

According to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), tongue piercing can lead to chipped teeth, nerve and gum damage; drooling, loss of taste, tooth loss, and chipped teeth.  Furthermore, periodontal disease or oral cancer can result from the irritation brought on by the barbell jewelry.

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Health risks of tongue piercing arise from bacteria, which covers the tongue.  When the tongue is pierced, this bacteria enters your bloodstream and tongue tissues.  This creates a tongue piercing infection.

Ludwigs angina is now being found in people with an infected tongue piercing.  This severe infection affects the mouth and jaw.  At its worst, the tongue swells to the point that the breathing is impossible.

Endocarditis is another health condition associated with tongue piercing infection.  This is when bacteria enters the bloodstream; thus, causing infection to set up.  Worst of all, this can result in the heart valves weakening.

Consider the fact that the barbell can become unscrewed and if accidentally swallowed, it could either tear an intestine or end up in a lung.

Like any body piercing procedure, tongue piercing causes blood loss.  However, this body piercing procedure is worse because not only do you lose more blood; your tongue’s nerve could get hit and become permanently damaged.

Worst of all, tongue piercing could lead to death.  This is possible because your tongue has major blood vessels that can spread infection throughout your body, including the brain.

Despite the high risks of tongue piercing, there will still be people anxious to have a tongue piercing for the sake of being cool.  For this group of individuals, please take the following precautions for the safety of your own health:

-Choose a reputable piercing business.  This is the time to conduct research, particularly through online sites such as Yelp. 

It is very important to make sure that whoever does your tongue piercing sterilizes their instruments and have the training to perform this oral procedure.  Additionally, make certain they wear gloves.  Failure to follow this advice could lead to the contraction of Hepatitis or HIV.

-Don’t touch your tongue piercing immediately after the oral procedure.  This stops bacteria from your fingers from infecting your tongue piercing.

-Follow the cleaning instructions given to you afterwards regarding your tongue piercing.  Brush your barbell jewelry regularly to remove plaque.

-It is best to start off wearing a surgical stainless steel barbell.  This prevents allergic reaction from occurring.

-Remove your tongue jewelry while eating or sleeping.  This prevents teeth and oral tissues damages.

-While you should visit a dentist for regular dental checkups anyway, it’s very important that you do so with a tongue piercing.  This is to make sure your teeth and tongue are healthy.

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Ashu Agarwal
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