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Mission Style Table Lamps - A Great Way to Add Task Lighting in Your Home

moroccan style table lamp
Mission Style Table Lamps - A Great Way to Add Task Lighting in Your Home

When you say lamp, do you first think of Aladdin's magical lamp; when you rub it, a genie will suddenly appear before your eyes and then grant you three wishes? If only it was that easy... Lamps these days are used for accenting an area of your home. The right design & lighting will help you set the mood in your oh-so fabulous home. Lighting is so important to alter the mood of a room and is even more significant where that room has more than one use.

Moroccan style table lamp A traditional table lamp will blend in, it is not intended to be a focal point of the room or to "catch your eye", it is first and foremost a "light", and it has a function to perform - provide illumination. You will typically see a very standard approach to lighting with all of the lighting in a room working together, nothing jumps out at you. The intent is not to be showy, but to be comfortable and therefore the lighting is understated and "homey."

To create such a mood and lighting, you must know how-to choose the perfect lamp. Or perhaps make one yourself. The Mission style table lamps designs are typically focused on simple horizontal lines, vertical lines, and flat panels. The Mission Style table lamps are the favorites of the "Do it yourself" type of person, the kind who is willing to learn about everything. Slender and sophisticated can be used to describe the fixture. If you want a little color, there are also Mission Style Tiffany lamps where instead of oak and metal castings; stained glass is used instead to create it.

A basic, light-colored wall is perfect for bouncing light into the rest of the room and creates a far subtler result than a direct spotlight which tends to glare and dazzle. You can get that effect using Mission style lamps creating a look of illusion that the area is spacey. It's just a matter of finding the right spot for your table lamp.

So next time you are shopping for a new table lamp, don't forget to check out a Misson style table lamp, always a timeless classic.

Lighting can make or break the atmosphere of a home, so how do you get it right?

Lighting is an incredibly hardworking element of interior design as every room has different lighting needs dictated by the activities that take place there - be it a romantic dinner for two or a 13th birthday party. A hardy multi-tasker, not only does lighting illuminate, set atmosphere and create ambience, it also performs the role of decoration - whether decorative itself, or highlighting something even more fabulous.


Before the dinner party, the kitchen is ablaze with light to make sure everything looks perfect, but once the food is served it is very soothing to leave the kitchen in the dark (where the dishes and the earlier stresses remain perfectly hidden).

However, a few minimal lights, perhaps over the kitchen cupboards, will give a warm glow and relaxed mood - ideal if your home is open plan and the kitchen remains in view. The same effect can also be achieved at a lower level with floor washers installed into the centre island or in cupboards designed to display beautiful vases and glassware.


The bathroom lighting has to work equally hard - in full flood light for applying fake tan but a little subtler for the relaxing soak in the tub. Bathroom lighting today has made huge leaps of progress, as the industry has not only accommodated the rigorous safety regulations, but has done so with style and cutting-edge design. Chandeliers, Art Deco wall lights or LED star-lit showers are all now available for the bathroom - just as long as you have a qualified electrician to check the safety zones and of course, install the fixtures professionally.


You might well think that bedroom lighting would be less complex but here there is lighting for dressing (to assist in the sock matching battle in the morning) and lighting for reading (so eyes don't strain on one side of the bed but where less literary partners can sleep without disturbance).

A dimmer is an incredibly useful device for most rooms, and they work particularly well in babies' bedrooms where you want to peek in to check on a sleeping child without disturbing them. They are equally necessary in the living room when the bright lights of late afternoon can be dimmed to a relaxing evening glow.


Where lights were once the firm domain of the ceiling by way of swinging pendant, they can now be found in most parts of the structure of the house - walls, floors, niches. Lights set into steps are not only safety conscious, they are also beautifully decorative, and floor washers will give our much-ignored flooring a hint of the spotlight.

Moroccan style table lamp For this type of lighting it is worth getting guidance from a lighting expert or a good quality electrician, as the right bulb and the perfectly angled shade will make all the difference.

Fortunately there is a wealth of choice and a style of lighting for everyone - chandelier devotees, retro lighting fans, uber industrial enthusiasts and chintzy tasselled lamp lovers, from Moroccan lanterns that throw colours in every direction to lights that come with a world of button-pushing and timer-setting that will keep the techie you know and love happy forever.

moroccan style table lamp
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