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I am Lishasingh. I am the director of a company Spa in Bangalore that provides doorstep massage treatments to people who need them. I have been in this industry for five years, and have had experience with many clients in my time.My company offers the best full body massage in town at affordable prices, with extra services included!

Massage Spa in Bangalore offers an astounding treatment service to the individuals, who are looking for a good massage. We have been providing this service at the doorstep of every individual, who wants to enjoy a luxurious and relaxing time with our trained masseuses.

With us, you not only get a full body massage but also many other services like - Foot Massage, Body Scrub and Face Pack. Our prices are budget-friendly so that everyone can avail our services without any hassle.

I am lishasingh, the founder of this website. This is a blog on massage service providers in Bangalore with female to male body to body massage Bangalore. I have been writing extensively on other topics as well for more than 10 years now.

I am Lishasingh, the founder of Health Care Services in Bangalore. I have been providing massage to clients for over 20 years and it's my passion.

Lishasingh is a massage therapist in Bangalore. He has been working for the past few years to provide excellent customer service and care, both to female and male clients.

He always strives to be better than his best self by practicing high levels of quality control at all times.

Lishasingh is the founder of top quality massage service providers. He wants to help people get rid of their stress by providing high-quality services that are offered at an affordable price.

He has been in this industry for five years and he knows what needs to be done in order to provide top-notch services. Lishasingh's main goal is to make sure his customers feel relaxed after receiving a massage from him, which is why he will go out of his way to make them happy when they come in for a session with him or one of the other therapists on staff at his company.

Lishasingh is the CEO of BMB. He has been doing massage therapy for over 10 years now and he loves his work. Lishasingh is a man with passion for what he does, which can be seen in all that he touches.

He studied at National Institute of Massage Therapy Studies (NIMTS) where he got his certificate in basic level course on Swedish massage therapy and deep tissue muscle release technique. He also pursued an advanced diploma course on neuromuscular therapy to become more skilled in this area as well. Apart from these courses, Lishasingh also did many other courses like reflexology, Thai yoga & traditional Thai massage therapies etc., through various institutions like International Centre For Ayur

I am Lishasingh. I am a professional writer and content creator for any topic you want to write about, including the following:

Many people are always looking for a good spa with extra services nearby. We will help you find the best spas and body massage parlours in Bangalore so that you don't have to look around yourself.

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