9 Excellent Promo Products You Can Gift Your Employees On This Labor Day

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Labor Day is a perfect time when you can make your employees feel special with some good corporate gift. It is a way to honor your valued employees who work day in and day out to move your business. With right giveaways, you can not only boost the morale of your workers but also promote your business to the outside world.

On the special occasion of labor day, we bring here different types of promo products that you can give your employees to show that you care about them.

1.   T-Shirt

There can’t be a better corporate gift for a labor day than a t-shirt. According to a survey by Pro Imprint, 54% of American consumers got a t-shirt as promo gift. The majority of companies prefer give away t-shirts as corporate gift since it catches more eyeballs to a brand and offers higher brand visibility.

On this labor day, you too can order some custom t-shirts that have logos and custom patches of your business and sells the brand message of your brand. You can pitch your brand on the chest, while you can imprint the name of employee on the back of the t-shirts to make it personalized.

2.   Clock and Calendar

Clock and calendar are essential items on desk of your workers. Employees have clock and calendar to mark time and dates and keep tabs on important upcoming events and projects.

To make this job easier for your employees, you can gift them a set of clock and calendar that they can put on their desks to stay aware of the current date and time. Besides, these gift will implicitly send a message to your employees about the value of time and will suggest them to be prompt and punctual.

So while these items will be in their possession, they will use them to get notified about the important dates when they must complete a project or the time when they must attend a meeting. And every time they look to these items, they will look at the brand identity of your company.

3.   Hand Sanitizer

Presenting hand sanitizer is another way you can spread a positive social message to your workers. By gifting this corporate promo product, you will make it easier for your workers to cleanse their hands on places where washing hands can’t be possible.

So when your employees will be driving to an outback area or going for camping, they will have your promo product as an instant source to cleanse their hands. And during all these fun activities, they will be giving free publicity to your brand.

4.   Personalized Cap

Personalized caps with custom name patches can be very gift to your employees. Labor day can be the right time to let your employees know their new roles. You can use this occasion to announce promotions of employees. So when you announce the big news to them, you can hand them over caps with the name of your company and logo is featured on the front panel of the cap, while a mention of their new roles on the back panel. You can even use custom embroidered patches to use as logo on front panel of a cap.

 The giveaway will serve as a double treat for the employees and make them feel the ecstasy of their new roles.

5.   Pizza Cutter

Pizza is one of the most loved foods in America. Your employees would love pizza cutter as it will help them easily cut the pizza during serious hunger pangs when the temptation of having a pizza is too irresistible to resist.

With this promo product, you can put a smile on face of your workers and let them do the job like a breeze. So when they are having a party or just want to munch some pizza pies, this promo product will lure attention of the many onlookers to take notice of logo and brand name of your company.

6.   Biker's Toolkit

Guys love bike and it is their common mode of transportation to commute between home and office. To help your workers keep at ease during these daily trips, you can give them a biker’s toolkit that they can use to do the instant fixes to their bike if it breaks down.

A biker's toolkit can include tools like screwdriver, wrench, spanner, plug socket, plug gauge and a flash light. You can put all these items in a metal box that has an imprinted logo of your brand. In this way, they will sport the brand identity of your company to passersby and onlookers.

7.   Picnic Set

Americans go for a picnic every now and then which keeps them in high spirits. This means you can give some good picnic items to your employees so that they can have a blast. A good picnic set can include things like can cooler, towel, bag, sunglasses and a sunscreen etc. You can gift all these items with an imprinted logo of your company.

So when they will use these items during the excursion, they will allow your brand to reach to hundreds of people who will be having a good time at a beach or at a pool.

8.   Water Bottle

On this labor day, you should give your employees colorful water bottles to raise awareness of the significance of drinking water. Just as the many other promo products in this list, this giveaway will also help your employees adopt a good health habit. Water is essential for a healthy life and giving away water bottles will inculcate this message to your workers.

To add more substance to this promo product, you can imprint the message regarding healthy life next to logo and brand name of your company. The message will promote healthy living among your employees and the brand identity of your company will imply that you are a caring business.

9.   Car Accessories

Just like a biker’s toolkit, you can gift different car accessories to your employees that can enhance their driving experience. Car accessories like car charger, smartphone holder, air diffuser and trunk organizer make some of the best items that you can gift to your workers.

With each of these accessories, you will make the lives easier of your employees and they will be saying all the good things about your company to their family, friends and acquaintances who will share a ride with them.

Labor Day marks the significant of working class in the world. It is also an occasion to remind your employees that you care about them. With these promo products, you can celebrate this important day like a caring business and promote your brand at the same time.

Seattle Washington
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