Cloud-based Vessel Tracking Systems: The Best Way to Fulfill Actual Events and Milestone Dates


Supply chain visibility is something that no shippers can avoid while strengthening their organization’s management. Regardless of the scale and magnitude you are running your shipping business on, supply chain visibility is what matters more than anything else if you want to operate your business without hassles and hiccups. Effective and efficient vessel tracking systems are the key to better operational efficiency and comprehensive shipment visibility.

These days, a large number of small and large business organizations are using cloud-based online vessel tracking systems not only to simplify visibility but also to streamline other allied shipping operations. Discussed below are some of the top benefits of cloud-based containing tracking systems:

Fulfill actual events and milestone dates as well 

One of the most salient benefits of cloud-based vessel tracking systems is that you can track the movement of your containers in real-time on your mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This enables you to fulfill actual events as well as milestone dates. Along with this, you are also enabled to access multiple performances of the carriers.

Updates to your inbox

Be it CFS handling performance or any other aspect, you don’t need to put any additional effort to get updates concerning the exact locations of your vessels. The advanced techno-driven tracking solutions will not only show you the live locations of your valued vessels but also send immediate updates directly to your inbox. 

Detailed performance analytics dashboard

With the advanced vessel tracking systems in place for CFS handling performance and other aspects, you have the power of a great analytics dashboard at hand to create data-driven cost decisions. The moment you implement an effective and efficient system for your business, you will start having the following benefits:

  • Multiple data concerning your shipments
  • An ability to capture and record everything right from departure to arrival
  • An ability to accumulate data that provide actionable insights
  • An ability to determine the performance of the vendor.

Concluding Remarks

LDB is one of the most reliable vessel tracking systems in India for CFS handling performance and other aspects associated with shipping operations. The system is currently providing 100% container coverage to shippers in India with the most accurate results.  

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