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Top Myths About Car Windshield Replacement - Busted!

Mary Schendel
Top Myths About Car Windshield Replacement - Busted!

A car windshield replacement costs nothing with the security it offers. An unattended windshield  with chips or cracks is a massive safety hazard and dangerous than it seems.  

You may choose to repair your windshield if the damage is minimal or a slight chip. The chip must  also be shallow to fix and replace. There are times when fixing your windshield is the only option. 

However, the damage may seem minor but will require a complete attachment to the windshield.  The cost of replacing your windshield may be higher than a repair cost; however, it may be the best  option based on your safety. 

Owning a car requires a great deal of maintenance work on your part. Windshield replacement is  one of the most important ones. Understandably, many myths related to car windshield  replacement float around the interwebs. 

We're always looking out for the interest of your safety and those on the road. Hence, it's vital to  have the best information about the windshields, how important they are and when replacement  becomes safe. In this article, let's bust all the myths about car windshield replacement. 

Myth #1 - You can replace it yourself 

Fact: This is considered to be one of the most lethal myths about replacing the windshield. There's  quite a few of us who tend to think that it's okay to attach the car windshield by ourselves because  of the apparent trouble of going to a car workshop. 

Bear in mind, however, that you could end up worsening the condition. No online DIY solution will  help you resolve this issue on your own, even if you buy the correct kit from a garage. 

Therefore, you are not a professional and not equipped with the right tools. Please leave it to the  experts. If you want to replace the windshield through yourself and attached it incorrectly, you are  only worsening the problem! 

Myth #2 - Windshield repair or replacement is a costly affair 

Fact: Windshield experts give you the best services, safe, fast, relatively inexpensive. In addition, due  to your car insurance policy, you can get a hassle-free claim process, cash-free service and a one year warranty on windshield quality and manufacturing. 

Myth #3 - Driving with a broken windshield is acceptable 

Fact: Driving with a broken windshield is acceptable. A damaged windshield limits your vision and  harms your ride. It is hazardous to you and other drivers.  

If your car's been in an accident, you're recommended to get your windshield checked even if it  appears to be okay. The impact of the accident can make the glass weak and loosen the supporting  frame.  

In this situation, otherwise, it may still cause safety problems and set you up for another accident.

 Myth #4 - A small crack or chip won't be an issue

Fact: A small chip in the windshield is not to be worried about since it looks like a minor defect to the  naked eye. But looks are deceptive. A chip weakens your windshield and ends up crumbling entirely. 

Most chips can be fixed and don't necessarily require the attachment of the car windshield. If not  repaired, a chip can worsen over time until the fixing of the car windshield becomes the only viable  option.  

Different chips spread differently, so it is best to consult a professional to determine the action plan.  In addition, it is best to remember here that only small tokens (no more than two) can be attached. 

To fix the crack of the windshield is not possible and justifies replacing the windshield. Knowing how  to take care of a new fixed windshield is the first step towards your car maintenance. 

All in all, it's best to get a car windshield replacement from a trusted garage. That's where a  comprehensive and modern car maintenance solution like Service My Car comes in.  

Service My Car is the tech-enabled car-servicing platform that has created a better way to help car owners. Provider of car services intended to provide car repair and servicing. Whether you're looking for a Volkswagen service station for your Volkswagen windshield replacement or Volkswagen brake repair in Dubai. We have it all, you can repair your car without letting you go anywhere, our recovery driver will pick up your car at your location and give it back to you after servicing. Did we mention there's free vehicle  collection and delivery? 

Don't delay getting a car windshield replacement. Get a free and instant quote for your car  windshield replacement on our website or the Service My Car app.

Mary Schendel
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