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Online Brochure or a Website?

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Online Brochure or a Website?

Is your website just a brochure?!

Your official website is a reflection of your business. Most website projects that Buzzlink Studios is involved with are not new websites but changing or replacing the old ones. Wanting your website renovated or redesigned can have many many reasons including rebranding, acquisition, altered objectives, non-fulfillment of lead generation targets, changing to responsive design, etc. 

Business owners need to realize that their business website has so much more to offer and enhance their working patterns. Your website is not just an online brochure anymore!

On the surface, businesses have a great-looking website, some amazing aesthetics, and eye-catching designs with clever tricks on the animation front as well but even after a great deal of effort and money that goes into making it, that website fails to generate traffic leads. This is where we get called in because this amazing website is not doing an amazing job!

Now aesthetics, designing & creative tricks would have done a great job if your website were just a brochure, but it is not!

Here’s why your website is not a brochure but a business in itself!!

Ever heard of Push Marketing & Pull Marketing?

Just because we are in the digital age doesn’t mean that the fundamentals of marketing have changed. Even today, your brochures are handed out by your sales team, pitched to the prospective customers, handed out at an expo, given to the distribution outlets, and even given with the newspaper. What I am saying is, they land on people’s desks and in their hands through your deliberate actions, which means you are ‘pushing’ your word to your audience.  

What your website does is exactly the opposite of Push Marketing. Websites need to pull traffic from the search engines and get prospective clients to browse through your website without any of your competitors’ websites grabbing their attention. Now whichever way the traffic comes on the website, it needs to be pulled.

Let’s Discuss The Search Engine Pull

The cheapest way to pull traffic on the website is through organic search which means showing up on the 1st two pages of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). It is the cheapest way but not the easiest. It takes a lot of effort to get your website on the 1st page of the search engine. One way to do it is by using relevant keywords. 

The pull factor is dependent on a lot of criteria set by the search engine. The keywords should be the best match & they should be relevant to the search. 

There is no ‘pull’ factor to the brochure as they are not found on any platform but handed out.

Here’s How Keyword Pull Will Help

Have you heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? If you have then you probably know that it plays a crucial role in showing your website on the very 1st page in the organic search.

Hereby using relevant keywords, you have to convince the search engine that the content on your website is relevant as per the search and even more relevant than your competitor’s. 

Now while your website requires SEO and proper keyword research, your brochure doesn’t require that. You have your creative freedom while designing and writing content for your brochure.

Time On The Page

Visitors/ Prospective Customers spend very little time on your website pages. 20 seconds on each page, your website will be no exception. What we can do is keep it precise and to the point.

Try reading your content and see if you can read it in 20 seconds and understand it at the same time, there you will see the challenge!

Unlike the website, you have the attention of your reader while they are reading your brochure. 


A beautiful-looking website without Search Engine compliances is a very lonesome place! After all, what use are all this shiny technology and huge expenses if it cannot grow your brand and generate revenue?! 

Buzzlink Studios is here to boost your organic leads to the next level, Contact Us to boost your Organic leads

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