How to Find Out If Your Husband Has Other Email Accounts?


If you suspect that your husband is not being completely honest with you, then you may want to know how to find out if husband has other email accounts.

This could be a fairly simple task or it can be rather complicated. There are a few simple things you can do, initially how to find out if husband has other email accounts. If you know what “handle” or user name he uses when he signs up for anything online, then you already have the upper hand and the best information how to find out if husband has other email accounts.

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Try searching on the internet for free email accounts. There are many of these types of email accounts, but the main ones are MSN (Hotmail and Live Mail), Google and Yahoo. As a starting point, you can go into each one of these and start to type the user name that he would use. You may even know what password he uses too. Sometimes, if the cookies have not been cleared, the username and password will be automatically filled in.

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If you have to know how to find out if husband has other email accounts, then this must mean that you have your suspicions. It is unfortunate that many men believe that cheating online is really not “cheating” in reality. This is a totally false belief. Any kind of cheating, whether it is an emotional relationship that is based online or a physical one in the real world is still cheating.

If your husband has other email accounts online, then there is a reason for that. Knowing how to find out if husband has other email accounts online will get you a step closer to the truth. The main reason why he would need another email account is so that he can send and receive email to whomever he pleases without your knowledge. It may also be an account that is used for chatting. If he is not too computer savvy, there may be a chat log right on your computer.

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If you look into your temporary internet files folder, you may be able to see it in amongst those folders. Other chat programs will save a log under the name of the chat program. You just need to investigate the hard drive a little bit. Unless your husband is aware that these files are on the hard drive, he has probably not deleted them, so all of the information will be right there for you to see.

There are also some really excellent programs available that you can quickly download onto your computer. These programs are “hidden” in your computer’s hard drive and are completely undetectable. Any of these types of programs are designed to keep a record of sites visited, username and passwords, and chat history/logs.

You will be able to see in black and white exactly what your husband has been up to. You will only need access to the computer one time for a short amount of time to download and install the program. Other than that, you may need to set up your own “secret” email account online somewhere to receive the log reports from the program.

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