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A Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney is More Familiar With the Local Culture


You would think there be no and advantage in hiring a top San Francisco personal injury lawyer over a Sacramento personal injury lawyer to handle your personal injury claim in Sacramento, but that may not be the case. There is a local culture in Sacramento, just as there is a local culture in just about every major city. 

There is a common way of doing things and a way of thinking in each major city. If you live in Salt Lake City, Utah you will likely feel like a fish out of water the first time you travel to Los Angeles, California. The same is true in reverse if you live in Los Angeles, you are likely to feel like a fish out of water in Salt Lake City, Utah. How about if you travel for the first time from Los Angeles, California to Nashville, Tennessee. You will find it surprising and maybe shocking to experience the local culture.

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Generally we think about culture in more global terms and think about cultures from other parts of the world and not so much from home. What we need to consider is that the United States is a very large country and even though we think of a single nation, indivisible, and with a common people, it is not as such. There is significant difference from one part of the country to another, customs, rules, and ideas differ greatly. 

This is more evident when there are particularly large numbers of persons that share common ideas and values, because of their common backgrounds that are not common to the rest of the nation. Arizona for example has large populations of indigent Native American people and a strong influence from Mexican people, both of which have been in Arizona since before there was a United States. Los Angeles is likewise a city that was founded and that existed long before there was a United States.

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When you travel to certain parts of the country you will find differences in the way people live, in the way they speak, and in the way the do things which may be irritating or appealing. It is the local culture which find different, which makes a difference in may situations. 

When you are litigating a case, you may have a top trial lawyer that has been successful in other parts of the country, but if they are not sensitive to the local culture prior successful history may mean nothing. The same is true when doing business. Deals can be made and broken because of a lack of sensitivity to the local culture. Assumptions are often made by both sides, one may assume they will do things the way you do things at home and the local counterpart may make the same assumption.

A common theme among some groups of people is the belief that a statement is made for the purpose of avoiding an action or omission. For example the my child is sick excuse or the prior commitment excuse as a reason for not attending an event where a personal invitation is made. 

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Among certain groups of people, it is invitation for further inquiry, among others is a polite way or acceptable way of declining an invitation. Some of us would be troubled by such statements and would make further inquiry, and may respond with sympathy for the sick child and ask exactly what the child’s ailments are and then even propose a course of treatment or a medical doctor for further medical treatment. Instead of accepting the excuse we may go into further inquiry and embarrassed the individual.

It is important that we are sensitivity to local cultures and that we take the local culture into consideration when seeking out a lawyer or doing business in areas that may seem like they are no different than your home town. 

A local Sacramento personal injury lawyer, though not from the high profiled San Francisco area is likely to be more successful in Sacramento than the high priced San Francisco personal injury lawyer, especially if they are arrogant and insensitive to the local culture.

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