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Asian Wedding Favor Ideas That Sure to Make a Hit!

Asian Wedding Favor Ideas That Sure to Make a Hit!

Our investigative team has been running several articles on K2 incense with its ever growing popularity. This incense seems to be found everywhere from almost any convenience store to any specialty shop to many on line web sites. Our investigative team found that even so this product is found everywhere; it is not of equal quality, which brought up the question of what is real K2 incense, and what is not. Naturally we turned to the Internet for answers on this.

We found several web sites that claimed ownership of the name and product "K2 incense". One stood out, "K2 Verified." This site has all the information one could possibly look for on this particular incense, including on how to spot "real" from "fake k2". We contacted them in order to get clarity on the matter, but something was strange, so we decided to further investigate.

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They are owned by Heavenly Incense, LTD a Hong Kong Limited Liability Company which also owns a few other websites as well, K2Inscense and K2Wholesale - which started to make a little more sense, this is how we originally found them. They hired an SEO company to run their advertisement campaign and to dream up the whole idea. This company proudly displays this on their web site. We decided to further investigate this and find how many people really bought into this idea of "Real K2".

After talking to several of the on line web sites and several dozen big stores through out the states we found even so most of the stores say this is not an issue, a few had told us this can be a pain sometimes as they have to explain to customers that they are just another scam artist out there trying to trick them into buying a counterfeit K2, by claiming that all the other incense is fake.

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However one online store did enlighten us a little, it seems that K2Incense used to sell the real deal from Kansas up to middle of 2009 when the manufacturers decided they did not want to deal with this shady company and cut them off. They then went on a campaign on how k2 summit, blonde, standard and etc. were discontinued and were no longer manufactured, and the new incense is K2 Ultra. After several months of running this campaign with little success, they came up with this new campaign: K2 Verified, oh and yes, Summit and Blonde are miraculously back.

So how many verified stores are there out there you ask? It seems that a total of 20 stores can be verified, only three are physical stores and 17 are websites that are owned by them or it's parent company. The general everyday stores did not buy in to this SCAM, and that makes sense, as stores are probably approached by similar scam artists on a regular basis. Researching blogs and forums the results are not as positive for the average consumer. Many consumers have been scammed by this company and many have bought into the idea that K2 Verified is our new super hero fighting the notorious "fake K2".

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Our team has tried the Ultra, and was not particularly happy with this product, and felt that it was over priced, Summit from this site was even worse. Through out this investigation our team bought from many companies out there to get some clarity on this matter and found that the best version of the incense which is found in many of the specialty shops and a web site known as FastAroma seems to be very popular.

Our investigative team contacted them a second time with an attempt to get clarity on our findings, they did not want to further comment.

There are so many websites and local retailers offering the K2 product. Our recommendation, buy from a local U.S based company that knows the needs of the local U.S market.

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