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Hiring The Same Agent For Buying & Selling Properties- Pros & Cons

Hiring The Same Agent For Buying & Selling Properties- Pros & Cons

Hiring the same agent to buy and sell flats in Delhi at the same time is indeed an easy option. People often prefer choosing this option when they are new to real estate transactions or do not have many contacts. However, is it really a good option to choose the same one for both buying and selling properties? This won’t be easy to answer unless you know its pros and cons. Hence to make it convenient for you, we have listed the necessary pros and cons below. Read on.

Pros Of Hiring The Same Agent 


The first benefit of hiring the same agent is that he is well acquainted with you. Hence, he knows how to handle things that concern you and will deal with them accordingly. He will be more familiar with your budget and time limitations, compared to a new agent. And consequently, in gratitude to your prior acquaintance, he will try his best to give you the desired deal.  

Saves Time

Indeed, hiring the same agent definitely saves time, when you are buying flats in Gurgaon and selling another at the same time. It saves you from wandering around to find another one. Plus saving time and inquiries by meeting fewer property dealers is a normal tendency for people to do.

Saves Cost

You can definitely save some money if you hire the same agent for both objectives. Since you will be hiring him for both selling and buying, you can easily negotiate the price you'll pay for his services. 

One Contact Point

Hiring an agent makes real estate transactions a much easy task. This is because you have to deal with just one person to whom you’ll express all your requirements. The rest of the things will be done by the agent.

Cons Of Hiring The Same Agent

Area Of Specialization

At times it is possible that the same agent may not be equally proficient in both areas. He may be good at selling properties but not buying you one. Hence, choosing the same agent may prove to be a challenging deal. So make sure you do complete research about the agent before hiring him.

Indirect Pressure

Although it occurs very little, however, your agent may pressurize you to sell a property at a lesser rate, in order to make a quick sale. This may happen only in cases when you need to buy a new house only after selling the old one. Hence to avoid such pressure, hiring a new agent is recommended.

Location Of The Agent

Suppose after selling old flats in Delhi, people want to move to Gurgoan or vice versa. In this case, hiring the same agents for selling the old flat and buying a new one will not be a good idea. This is because usually, every agent serves best in his own region of operation and hence may lack the required knowledge to serve in a different city.

Final Thoughts

We hope the above pros and cons gave some clarity to you. So now you'll be able to make a better decision if you are buying and selling flats in Gurgoan and Delhi at the same time. However, if you are considering hiring the same one for both objectives, we suggest you consider all the necessary aspects, ask questions from the agents, and also research about them before selecting the one. 

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