Is DevOps Yet Another Passing Fad or a Paradigm Shift?

Elena Mia

Anybody who has worked in the field of software application development may have come across the term “DevOps”. So much so that it is thrown around ever so often that it has become a buzzword across the industry. But is it just a short-term trend or a long-term practice that will shape the future of software development? Let’s find out.

In this post, we will cover:

●    What is DevOps?

●    Importance of DevOps Solutions and Services

●    Business Benefits of DevOps

●    DevOps Outsourcing: Is it Worth it?



What is DevOps?

DevOps is a development practice where the active development aspect is isolated from the operations management. It rests on the agile principles that shorten the software development cycle and ensure continuous integration and ongoing delivery of the DevOps solution. It also lays the foundation for improved communication and enhanced collaboration between the teams. This also takes care of the quality assurance segment of development. The DevOps model ensures that development and operations teams can work together. At times, the two teams are unified and the engineers work across the complete product lifecycle, starting from development and testing to deployment and operations.


Importance of DevOps Solutions and Services

DevOps solutions and services help companies produce modern, premium software-based solutions that are aligned with their business goals. Agile planning, testing, and automation and crucial elements of DevOps solutions. Such solutions and services are developed to help businesses transform their entire organization. DevOps is essential for businesses as it is an approach that encourages quicker development of new tools and more manageable maintenance of existing ones. As such, DevOps service providers help organizations shorten the development cycle, create more room for innovation and optimize business resources while reducing risks.


Business Benefits of DevOps

There are countless advantages offered by DevOps solutions and services. Some of the key business benefits of DevOps are as follows:


  • Collaboration

The traditional software development processes were not aware of the benefits of merging the development, operations, and QA teams. Therefore, they did not put any focus on establishing collaboration between the teams. However, when DevOps came into the picture, it fostered collaboration among teams and highlighted the benefits of unification.

DevOps creates a collaborative environment and enables different departments and teams to work together for achieving common goals. It breaks down the silos existing in the different departments and creates more value.

Apart from bringing crucial concepts and methods for creating automated processes for the software development life cycle, DevOps also allows users to integrate team collaboration tools into the workflows. With collaboration software tools like Slack, Salesforce, Yammer, etc, the development and operations departments can communicate with each other at any time and from anywhere.


  • Low Costs

DevOps solutions are not only more innovative but are also more cost-effective in the long run. By opting for the DevOps approach, businesses can save on costs associated with system maintenance, updates, etc. It also incentivizes solid app designs, enables cost analyses, and facilitates best execution policies to reduce computation costs.

Businesses can avail DevOps consulting services for coming up with the best strategy. The right strategy will help them cut costs and reap the maximum return on investment. It allows them to leverage two economies of scale: operational and capital. They can also incorporate compliance activity into pipelines to save costs.

  • Speed

Modern-day customers are more informed and they value convenience and speed. As a result, businesses are under immense pressure to meet the changing customer expectations as closely as possible. The shift in customer behavior has made it crucial for teams to develop software faster. Besides, the faster the DevOps solution is released, the sooner will the users get to benefit from it.

DevOps service providers ensure speed to market. Companies can thereby gain a competitive edge by outpacing their rivals. The speedy software development cycle ensures that the deployment of software along with the rectification of bugs and errors happen in no time.


More Focus on Customers

A report shows that by leveraging DevOps solutions and services, businesses can significantly improve the deployment frequency by 200x. Companies with successful DevOps practices have reported an improvement in recovery times by 23x and lowered the change failure rate by up to 3 times. By shortening the lead times through automated pipelines, DevOps helps in decreasing the time to repair. This has a positive impact on customer happiness and satisfaction. DevOps also lowers costs for both the business and the customer.


DevOps Outsourcing: Is it Worth it?

Nowadays, there are a number of DevOps service providers available in the market. The DevOps consulting services allow businesses to overcome hurdles when integrating, deploying, and delivering services and solutions. Companies that are taking baby steps towards transitioning into DevOps must either have some level of expertise with the model or delegate the responsibilities to a professional DevOps service provider. DevOps outsourcing helps such businesses gain access to a pool of talent and ensure quality results. 

Elena Mia
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