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How can I get Taxi Insurance for private and public hire taxi insurance?

Protect My Taxi
How can I get Taxi Insurance for private and public hire taxi insurance?

Every automobile that is on-road needs a stead-fast insurance plan same goes for your taxi insurance. Transporting people around the city in the hectic streets of London is a highly responsible job.

Our Aim

Our duty is to ensure you the safety that you require as an owner-driver of your taxi. Driving a cab for private or for public use demands appropriate insurance policies something that your regular taxi car insurance does not cover you will need a high-end policy that guarantees the safety of all of your bases including you and your taxi and your passengers. 

As a taxi driver, coming up with a trustworthy  Insurance plan can be one of the most troublesome tasks of your profession, but it’s also one of the most crucial ones. When your livelihood is at risk, it’s important that you have invested in the right place that can get you back on the road as soon as possible. There are considerable different taxi insurers out there, but not all understand your requirements like us. There are a number of Taxi Insurance policies all depending on the needs and requirements of your taxis.

Which insurance is best for your taxi?

 Insurance policies for taxis can vary widely depending on your specific circumstances, it depends on the vehicle(s) you drive and on the type of your business. There are several different cover types for you to consider for example  taxi insurance for private and public hire taxi insurance these two types are pretty common

It is important to have suitable taxi cab insurance protection that secures your taxi against damage and theft, also protects you and your customers from any personal injury. Our Insurance policy can help you in obtaining cheap taxi insurance with great benefits so you can have peace of mind knowing you and your business are covered.

Public Hire Taxi Insurance or black-cab insurance

Public hire taxis don't work the same way as private hire taxis do, public hire taxis don’t need to be booked in advance. Public hire taxis can be flagged down by people on the street. Because of that,  coverage needs for public hire taxis are not the same as private hire taxis.  Since public hire taxis do not require any pre-booking and can be stopped by anyone on the road. This designates some specific risks, which means suitable public hire cover must be put in place. You might think public hire insurance policy would be more pricey, but that is not always the case. London black cabs and hackney carriages are generally the best examples of public hire taxis.

Black cab

we know how hard it is to be a black cab driver. mostly you are driving for long hours at unfriendly times,  tackling with heavy traffic and taking all kinds of passengers to their places. it’s a demanding job. Taxis with Public Hire Insurance covers you for several eventualities so you can be at ease while working.

It is a legal requirement for the licensed taxi to have black cab insurance or public hire insurance. It is more common for taxis like hackney carriages and black cabs to have this kind of approach to insurance.

Private Hire Taxi Insurance

Private hire taxis are pre-booked and can’t be waved down on the road. furthermore, these taxis do not have any display sign of “Taxi” private taxis are legit exclusive for people who like to book their journeys in advance. minicabs or private hire vehicles (PHVs) are usually more common on the road. Private taxis must be booked in advance and cannot take passengers from the street or from taxi ranks. As a driver of PHV or minicab, you’ll need a private hire taxi insurance policy. it is more likely for you to have a private hire insurance policy if you are driving for rubber.

Who’s eligible to get private hire taxi insurance coverage?

 Any person who is a private hire taxi badge holder should have this insurance before getting on the road. 

it’s not always that easy to get a suitable insurance cover however it can always be done by minimizing the underlined errors.

It is a bit more problematic for New taxi badge holders to get cheap taxi insurance, for not being more experienced This can also be an issue for younger and old age drivers. It's all about being professional on the road 

Private hire taxi insurance is particularly designed to cover you to oppose any risks you may come across as a professional driver, regardless of whether you are at fault or not.




Protect My Taxi
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