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How To Choose The Right Residential Epoxy Flooring

How To Choose The Right Residential Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring has been around for years, until recently when the demand for this type of surface increased. However, choosing a residential garage epoxy flooring in Vero Beach, FL is usually a difficult thing to do, especially since there are several different types of epoxies in the market. 

Epoxy coatings are cost-effective ways for a homeowner to cover your concrete floors with epoxy or epoxy garage flooring. These coatings have a way of making your floor look better and last longer than you expected. On this note, you must know what each type of epoxy offers before making you make a decision. 

Below are some of the major ways to choose the most suitable epoxy flooring for your home!

#1. Type of Epoxy Flooring

One of the major things to take into consideration is the type and quality of epoxy flooring you want to use for your home. The best epoxy flooring contractor in Vero Beach offers different types of resins that have good properties including durability and resistance against spills. You need to purchase the perfect one for your project needs and budget, as some of them may be more expensive than others.

If you need epoxy flooring that is waterproof and chemical-resistant, you may want to choose a hard-coat epoxy, otherwise, wet-pour is a better alternative. You can also get epoxies for commercial establishments that are resistant to scuffs from different types of furniture in your home.

#2. Decide on Color, Texture, and Pattern

When it comes to choosing the flooring for your home, one of the things to look out for is the type of concrete coating. They make a huge difference as they can add curb appeal and help you get the desired look for your home. Of course, there are several options to choose from, from the coating color to the texture, and pattern. 

Some of the most popular colors include brown, black, white, and gray. For a lot of people, gray is seen as more modern, while black is a common neutral tone that suits any kind of design. Brown is usually seen as rustic or natural-looking, while white is used as an accent color, but people prefer this option because of how clean it looks.

The best epoxy garage flooring contractor in Vero Beach also offers floorings with a textured look that can be modern or traditional. Some of them have an adhesive texture that gives the epoxy coating a realistic feeling as though it was poured on top of concrete and mixed to create this effect. Depending on what you want, the final look can be either shiny or matte.

#3. How Much Traffic Will be Involved

Do you usually have cars drive by your home? Is there a high volume of foot traffic in your residential area, or do you live out of reach? These and many more questions should be asked when considering how much wear and tear your epoxy flooring will have before purchasing anything.

An epoxy flooring designed to cover concrete will be resistant to cracking and chipping. However, epoxy may not provide as much protection for furniture from damage when they slide across a surface prone to scratching. Choose your epoxy coating wisely so that you don’t end up making unexpected repairs at a high rate.

#4. Indoors or Outdoors

When choosing a residential garage epoxy flooring in Vero Beach, FL, one more thing you should ask is whether or not it will be used indoors or outdoors. There are several benefits to putting this into consideration. So, before deciding on using your new flooring, consider factors on every side.

If you are hiring a garage flooring contractor in Vero Beach to install your epoxy flooring indoors, there are various colors to choose from. Furthermore, different textures give you more options for an epoxy coating for their floor. For those looking for garage floor coverings, epoxies have many benefits, including resisting chemicals and stains better than concrete or epoxy coatings on garage floors which is important for those that store chemicals in their garage.


Choosing epoxy flooring that will last for a long time can be a difficult task, but knowing what you want for your home will make the difference. The right epoxy flooring company also offers consultations that can help you find the right solution, no matter the kind of concrete flooring project you need. Make a call today!

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