Are there problems in the modern school?


Recently, various reforms have been carried out in the field of education, including school education, which contribute to solving a number of school problems and improving the climate, but some serious problems still remain.

Health of schoolchildren - how to protect your child

One of the most important unresolved problems is the health of schoolchildren. Why is this a problem? Because only 10 percent of the total number of students can be called healthy, and the remaining 90 percent have problems and deviations in physical, psychological, and nervous development. Development for the child, including creative. To do this, you need to solve this problem by writing written papers. If you use the help of a paper writer then you can effectively teach this to your child. This problem will be solved and your child will develop.

Most diseases and deviations are associated with the strongest stress on the child, insufficient time for rest and poor nutrition, the question “how to lose weight” that occurs in girls at an increasingly early age - all this affects the health of children. To do this, it is important that the child finds time for learning but also for food. If you use case study help, you will see how your child will have more time for meals. This will help a lot in writing a written work. So, for example, if a child feels tired, he can go home and refuse additional extracurricular activities that are not mandatory, but not in our schools.Teachers almost require the child to attend their electives, otherwise there is a chance of getting a low grade in the quarter.

If your child's health is dear to you, read the school charter, which must be in every educational institution, and check if the charter contains any contradictions with the law.

So, for example, first-grade students should study no more than 20 hours a week, students in grades 2-4 from 22 to 24 academic hours, grades 5-8 - 30 academic hours, grades 9-11 - 31 academic hours. Extracurricular activities should be chosen by each student at will and are not mandatory, the interval between lessons and electives should be at least forty minutes. Between lessons, which should last 45 minutes, it is imperative to make a break from 10 to 30 minutes. Complex subjects that require mental stress, it is desirable to alternate with other activities. To write a written work, it is also important to be able to relax. Using custom essay writing helps you find the time to write your essay. This will help to write an essay and take a break from mental stress.

School uniform: is it required?

Also recently, a hot topic has become a school uniform, which many schools develop individually and force parents to purchase it for a child. Since the introduction of the school uniform in the USA, it has already been canceled five times, but it is introduced again and again with additions and innovations. On the one hand, the school uniform improves discipline, visually equalizes the material wealth of the families of students, and on the other hand, it deprives the student of freedom of choice.These are far from all the problems of modern schools; it will take a lot of time, effort and financial investments to solve them. Let's hope that in the near future our children will not lose their health in the learning process, will strive to school and enjoy the lessons.

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