The safest Payment Gateway is here to create payments that seem like a breeze!

Joel Rex

We don’t realize this, but we are now part of the ever-expanding digital era. Every little thing around us has rapidly evolved digitally in some or the opposite way. It’s great that even making payments & accepting payments has become very quick and accessible. 

Payment Gateway is now a brand new & convenient way of accepting payments online.


What is Payment Gateway?

Payment Gateway is a service that allows and processes Debit/ Credit cards, UPI, and Wallets for online merchants & vendors. it's become the simplest way for a business to gather digital or online payments from apps or websites. 

Via the Payment Gateway, the customer proceeds to form a payment, which then gets transferred from the buyer's account to the seller’s(vendor’s) account.

With these functions, Payment Gateway is now widely utilized in both e-commerce platforms & brick-mortar businesses, since people nowadays prefer using less cash and doing more digital payments for all their purchases.


Need for a Payment Gateway

The need for a good Payment Gateway for businesses is for real. to remodel your business into a contemporary day business, Payment Gateway is indeed helpful. It helps you add a brand new feather to your business by making digital acceptance of payments easy.


Significance of Payment Gateway in business

Impulse purchase- it's noticed that impulse purchase is answerable for 40% of all online purchases, so being given a simple payment option, there'll undoubtedly be a rise in sales.

Easy checkout – A swift and seamless checkout experience is extremely much appreciated and necessary from the customer's point of view.


But have you ever wondered whether the payment gateway is safe or not? What if I told you that there's a payment gateway that's rapid, accessible & supremely secure likewise. Yes, you bought it right, now no more dwelling on finding a secure payment gateway because you’ve got Segurapay by your side.


Segurapay is one among the leading & best payment gateway providers in India, and it's here to alter the old & pale ways of accepting payments. Segurapay helps you retain your E-commerce transactions safe & customers happy. it's the foremost reliable Payment Gateway to gather payments together with an honest success rate. Segurapay offers API driven integration which ends in quick & instant transactions. 


Segurapay's advanced & secured payment gateway helps you create your financial transactions smooth & your business trip valuable.

With Segurapay start accepting payments online within minutes. With a seamless API Payment Gateway solution, built & designed for all business types, you do not should worry about your payment collection needs anymore.


Segurapay promises an excellent payment gateway experience for purchasers & vendors also. 


Let’s have a glance at it's Payment Gateway Features


Easy Integration

Avoid the long waiting time and now integrate the Payment Gateway API within some minutes on your website/app. We believe that point is precious for each business, so we made e-transactions simpler and quicker.


Multiple Payment modes

Segurapay offers flexible payment modes so you'll access all payment modes like mastercard, debit card, net banking, UPI and every one popular wallets. 


Online Onboarding

A well-designed 100% online onboarding process that permits you to onboard customers within no time.

Save time & proportion your business.


Dynamic Dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard – An exclusive dashboard to handle & manage all of your payment needs.

Ease your payments with Segurapay’s dynamic dashboard.


Instant Settlements

Reduce the time between Payments capture and fund accessibility. 

Improve the income by instantly settling every transaction.


By the offering of these features, we will pridefully say that with Segurapay, you'll start receiving payments online because it's the safest & the most effective Payment Gateway provider assuring the smoothest & foremost successful transactions.


Let’s explore how the Payment Gateway Solution works-

1) The customer places an order → 2) Merchant’s Store→ 3) Segurapay Payment Gateway→ 4). Payment Processor→ 5) Bank→ Merchant Account.

Simple & convenient!


Segurapay works around the clock to create sure you get top-notch Security & end-to-end encoding. 

They are available 24/7 to deliver tech support. The support team responds promptly to complaints and feedback in order that the customer’s Payment concerns are solved immediately.


Segurapay is a web payments solution in India that helps businesses accept, give and manage payments with ease. 

Make payments trouble-free with Segurapay's API integrated Payment gateway. 


Contact Segurapay and bid goodbye to any or all your payment-related troubles.

Joel Rex
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