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Can A Buyer Cancel A Car Dealership Contract?

Allen Stewart
Can A Buyer Cancel A Car Dealership Contract?

Canceling a dealership contract isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. In fact, the loops and curves in the process can prove so nerve-wracking that many people decide never to go through the process of canceling their contract at all. 

Thankfully, the more you understand about the car-buying contract, the easier things become. 

And in this article, we will try to help you comprehend the same. 

Getting out of the vehicle purchase

Almost every person with buyer’s remorse waits for the cooling-off period – a clause on the sales contract that protects the buyer in case of high-pressure sales tactics. But the way vehicle valuation work, you may still find it difficult to cancel your purchase.

Then there is a contract cancellation option that you can purchase at an added cost. But, the dealership is under no obligation to provide such things unless the state you live in requires it. 

Other protection includes lemon law to gain coverage for the defects in the vehicle. You can file for fraud by lodging a complaint at the attorney general for your state.  

Canceling a new car purchase agreement with the dealership 

Car buying contracts are pretty taut. In fact, according to the consumer law group, canceling an agreement once you sign the dotted lines is pretty challenging. 

However, there are a few exceptions that could lead to the cancelation of the contract – a yo-yo sale is one of those exceptions. As per this exception, the dealership lends you the key but asks you to sign paperwork before the loan lender sends any final approval. If the lender cancels the deal, then your contract gets canceled, too.

You may also be able to return the car if the dealership misled you or forgot to disclose the vehicle’s full history. Other things include the vehicle’s failure to safety inspection, undisclosed mechanical issues, etc. 

Returning the used vehicle to the dealer

As per Consumer Action Law Group, the process of returning a new vehicle to the dealership is a lot harder than returning a used vehicle. In fact, the dealerships that specialize in used vehicles sales can even advertise beneficial return policies to entice potential buyers. 

To return a used vehicle, there are very few thresholds that the owner is required to meet, such as:

  • Vehicle must fall under certain miles since purchased
  • The vehicle requires to be in similar conditions 
  • It is mandatory to have copies of originally signed paperwork
  • The vehicle must be free of tickets

Signing off

Getting out of a vehicle buying contract is definitely tricky, but it isn’t impossible at all. Knowing details of the process ahead of time can prove helpful in the long run.

We believe this article was able to answer your question, “can I back out of a car deal after signing a bill of sale?” in simple terms.

Andrew Richardson is the author of this Article. To know more about Dodge Complaints please visit our website: allenstewart.com

Allen Stewart
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