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NFTs In The Fantasy Sports & Future

Doxy International
NFTs In The Fantasy Sports & Future

Fantasy games and Sports have been between us since 1960. It has taken the world by storm and in the last couple of years, NFTs are taking it by storm. Some major sports that have made it to the centre include soccer, baseball, basketball, and now cricket as well.

According to the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association, approximately 60 million people in the US and Canada are engaged in fantasy sports. It would not be wrong to say that it is a popular pastime for many people.

A decline in traditional fantasy sports interest

During 2020, many fantasy sports witnessed a drop in the numbers of players and overall participation from around the world. This may be the result of the COVID pandemic and restrictions imposed worldwide. But it could also indicate a long-term decline in general fantasy sports.

The industry has been changed in the last 60+ years and there are more stats, up-to-date data, and player information but ultimately there is one concept that is the main reason for the decline in traditional fantasy sports interest and that concept is “only one winner”.

In the traditional fantasy games, players were bounded to spend a season crunching data, researching games, players, and leagues for multiple players only to see zero profit at the end of the season.

NFTs are making fantasy games more engaging

We previously noted the limited chances of winning due to the potential disappointment in traditional fantasy sports. With the introduction of blockchain and NFT-based gaming mechanics, the distribution of superstar athletes is not only better, but your stake in every athlete has intrinsic value, and it's tradable. That means your knowledge of players, sports and teams can actually be a financial advantage - whether you're at the top of your league or not.

This is the element that can really change the fantasy sports ecosystem. Due to the decentralized mode of operation of this technology, you can earn notable monetary rewards simply by knowing who and when to trade; Without being exposed to third-party risk via other trading mediums.

In addition, for on-chain fantasy sports, this feature offers a healthier, more collaborative alternative to sports trading. Instead of investing in wins/losses, moderate points per game, and various other kinds of sports trading and betting, you and your teammates can trade in the next star athlete or the next deserving team, and through your combined knowledge, you can make a huge difference and can also see the benefits.

Whether it's a global fantasy league or a small setup consisting of friends and family, the opportunities available with NFT and blockchain-powered fantasy sports and games to reinvent the way you compete are influential.

It doesn't matter if you are a pure strategist, dive into the pile of data to choose the winning players or a gut-feeling player you can bet on; The capacity to integrate traditional parts of fantasy sports & games with the possible monetary benefits and protection delivered by blockchain is incredibly thrilling.

Enjoy better opportunities with Doxy

Doxy is here to provide better opportunities to the players. It is a platform where people will engage with the game better and make better profits.

The project is a combination of NFT, user-centric platforms, easy to understand as well as easy to operate with endless earning opportunities by trading in sports and live games. The project is based on Blockchain and Web 3.0 which makes it more futuristic and reliable. To stay connected with us visit the official website and follow Doxy on social platforms.

Doxy International
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