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Things You Should Know When Selling a Used PC Laptop or Desktop

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Things You Should Know When Selling a Used PC Laptop or Desktop

Are you ready to get rid of your old computer? Then, before selling it, do this to safeguard your privacy and maximize the value.

Is there anything else you need to do before you sell a computer? You know you should safely erase your hard disc, but is there anything else you should do?

It's common to be apprehensive about selling (or giving away) an outdated computer. You've probably spent a lot of time on your computer, and it's jam-packed with all of your personal information. To get the most money out of it before selling it. This is what you must do.

Step 1: Make a backup of all of your files.

The first step is to ensure that you have backed up everything you require. The method you use will be determined by the software you have installed on your computer. Dropbox (or any other cloud storage service) will suffice if you only need to save a few files. Alternatively, you may back up your files to an external hard drive quickly and effortlessly.

If you're switching computers for a time, a cloud backup service like Crashplan could be a wise option, and backing up and restoring your data is simple. Regardless of the method you choose, make sure you conduct a backup first to ensure that your information is current.

Step 2: Remove any programme that has been granted authorization.

After that, deauthorize any digital applications or data you have on your computer. This includes Adobe Creative Suite, Amazon's Kindle Apps, and items downloaded from iTunes and other online retailers.

It's also a good idea to turn off any two-factor authentication services. While it's unlikely that someone will have your password after you safely wipe your hard drive in the following step, it's a good idea to make a login into your accounts impossible from the start.

Before we destroy everything, keep in mind that if you're using OS X Mountain Lion or OS X Lion on a Mac, you may need to create your USB or DVD boot disc so you can reinstall the OS in step four. You may also download and install the OS during the reinstallation process, but having a physical copy will give you peace of mind in case things go wrong.

Step 3: Format Your Hard Drive Safely

As previously said, the only safe approach to clear up your computer's hard disc is to format it and start again. This is a time-consuming procedure, but it's necessary before selling your laptop to someone you don't know. There should be no personal information left on the hard disc.

We've already led you through this procedure, and it's incredibly straightforward. To format the hard disc on Windows, we recommend Darik's Boot and Nuke, and on Mac, the built-in Disk Utility.

Step 4: Reinstalling the Operating System 

You will have nothing on your hard disc once it has been formatted. This implies that you must reinstall the operating system before selling a computer. If you still have your operating system CDs, the method is simple. Restart the computer and boot from the operating system CD. If Windows does not immediately boot from the CD, you can alter the BIOS settings to make it function. Hold down the Option key and choose your boot disc after hearing Mac's beginning bell (the USB or DVD you made yourself in step two).

After you've completed reinstalling the operating system, you may decide how far into the setup procedure you wish to go. You may skip the new user creation page if you're selling a computer online on a site like eBay. When it asks you to establish a user account, simply turn off your computer, and you're set to go. If you're selling a laptop on Craigslist, you might want to establish a dummy user account, so you can demonstrate that it works to the buyer.

You don't have to bother about registering the programme or anything else, but if you need to verify the machine is in good working order, simply create an account with a basic username and password (admin/password works) and instruct the buyer to erase the history after he or she has decided to buy.

Step 5: Wipe it Down

Finally, before selling the computer, clean it up and make it as good as possible. It will not only sell for more money if it looks well, but it will also perform more smoothly. As we've discussed before, you should perform a few easy things: Clean the computer by wiping it down, cleaning the keyboard, cleaning the screen, and opening it to remove dust from the interior. This makes the computer more attractive to the eye, making it easier to sell.

Once your computer has been cleaned up and looks as good as new, you can sell it. Cashify is the most excellent site to sell your old laptop for the best price and offers. Cashify provides a complete platform to get the most out of your computer compared to other markets. Sell any model, schedule pick up, and get instant payment now.

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