Types of pool covers

pool covers

Today there is a huge number of coatings for swimming pools.  And today we will talk about the most popular of them.

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Rectangle pool cover

  A lot of people like this product, especially because it is the perfect size to fit in an inflatable pool and thus protect it during the week when you are not traveling to your summer house or second home.

  This is a very durable vinyl cover in a beautiful navy blue color.  In addition to this, you will have a series of ropes that act as a support to keep the cover from shifting or moving, ensuring that the pool is in perfect condition when you use it again.  Its price is very cheap for a great product.

  Sun protection for round pools

  For those who have a round pool, they can also enjoy a very good quality cover, which we personally like as it is ideal for removable pools with a diameter of about four meters.

  This product is able to maintain the temperature of the water at the moment, allowing the sun's rays to heat the coating so that the water is maintained at the ideal temperature without making it so cold.  Also, being closed, there will not be much dirt in the pool, so when you use it, the dirt will be minimal.

  Swimming pool cover Prisma/small frame rectangular

  A pool cover that can be taken apart as it has a structure that covers them almost completely and is ideal for keeping them clean longer when you want to leave it assembled and filled with water for the next purpose.  week when you go to your second residence to enjoy the garden and the good weather.

  This is a model that has a total weight of 2kg so it is light but will protect the inside of the pool very well, with the small holes they are looking for to make it easier to drain the water in case it gets hot.  y rain from day to day and you don't want it to build up on the product.

  Inflatable pool cover

  This model has a special closure so that once you place this inflatable pool cover, absolutely nothing can get into it, not an insect or a leaf that has fallen from a nearby tree.

  This is because your rope will be able to hold the cover so that it is very tight and, above all, so that it does its job in the best possible way.  This model is designed for small round pools, although as you can see from the product description, there are other models that can be very useful.

 Therefore, if you choose a cover for your pool, pay attention to these models.

pool covers
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