What You Need to Know When Caring for A Pitbull Puppy


Pitbull’s are a very special kind of dog breed. If they weren’t trained and disciplined well when they were still puppies, they can end up growing to be vicious, scary dogs in the future. A mature Pitbull’s’ personality will depend on how they were raised, just like humans. Pitbull’s are not good guard dogs since they love their owners so much that they can hurt anyone who threatens them.


Depending on how these puppies are raised, some are trained for fighting and some can be very timid and sweet. According to a Dog Blogger, research shows that Pitbull’s are more aggressive towards people than they can be towards other dogs. Even though they can be towards their owners, they are advised to watch their pit bulls closely when mixed with other pet animals.

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The Puppy Care Tips

When you have a Pitbull puppy, you must understand how to care for and train them properly. How they are trained when they are young will reflect on how they would be when they are mature.


This is one of the most important tasks to do regularly when you want your community to love your dog. By socializing means you bring your puppy for a walk, so the puppy can play with other dogs and humans. Expose the puppy to this environment for it to grow accustomed to other people and other dogs.


Train the Puppy. When you start them young, it would be easy for them to be obedient to commands when they grow. You can train them to react to certain words to stop them when they are misbehaving. When training the Pitbull puppy, use positive reinforcements. Pit Bulls are intelligent breeds. They can sense your feelings and may develop negative feelings towards humans when not trained the right way.

Complete the Vaccination. Vaccinations are important especially when they are puppies to combat diseases. They usually start at 8 weeks old then a booster will follow every 3 to 4 weeks. Any further recommended vaccinations should be followed to keep your dog healthy.

Exercise Regularly. Pit Bulls are strong breeds especially when they are adults. As early as possible, start your puppy with regular exercise to prepare the muscles to support their huge frame when they grow up. When the dogs are exercising regularly, they do not only burn fat but also burn off their excess energy.

Mental Stimulation. When dogs are bored, they will start to do everything to get their owner’s attention. This can turn out to be a very bad habit since they can end up destroying furniture. To prevent this, you can use tools to keep them busy. A toy that can be mentally stimulating would be good for them.

Small Frequent Meals. Puppies will still have a hard time digesting big meals. It is advised for them to have 5 small frequent meals with meat as the first ingredient.

Dogs lick. Most people have heard about the dog’s habit of licking their own feet. But few know that this activity is used for communication with humans and other dogs. This is a very disturbing situation for human being, as they may not be able to cope with the same. As this is a natural tendency of dogs to lick their body parts, when it comes to licking human feet, then it is simply impossible for a person to allow the dogs to continue with the same. A lot of dog owners don't like it when dogs lick their feet or other parts of the body. This is especially true if the dog has been nibbling, biting or gnawing on its toes. All these behaviors can be annoying, but they are also a common sign that your dog really likes you. So, before you yell at your dog, you might want to understand why he thinks licking your toes is so enjoyable. Most dogs lick as a sign of appreciation or submission but it can also be a sign of fear or dominance. Perhaps the dog truly feels he needs to take care of you, and licking your feet allows him to clean his most important family member! Or maybe the dog has a skin disorder or an itching sensation in his mouth that has caused him to start licking excessively. For further details here we give you our blog post article has great info. Check out.


Pitbull puppies deserve love from their owners while they are still young. This will help them develop a strong relationship with their humans. How pitbull behave when they are adults will always reflect on how their owners trained them when they were younger.

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