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ChiroFusion Review: Most Affordable Web-Based Chiropractic Software

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ChiroFusion Review: Most Affordable Web-Based Chiropractic Software

ChiroFusion is a complete web-based chiropractic practice management program specifically designed for practitioners who are looking for an affordable solution with no additional bells or bells and.

Bottom Line

ChiroFusion is one of the few products that are web-based specially designed for chiropractors and it has a clean and modern interface when compared with other solutions. With its affordable price and minimal startup costs when as compared to other software ChiroFusion is easy to test, and can be a good introduction software for offices that want to learn more about chiropractic management software options.


  • It is specifically designed for chiropractors.
  • One of the cheapest products available.
  • 100% web-based.
  • A more modern-looking UI than most of its rivals.
  • Advertises 24/7/365 customer support.


  • The absence of custom reporting.
  • Smaller company, which means the process of updating software more difficult.


  • One-time setup fee of $349.
  • Fee of $99/month for software.
  • An optional $49/month cost to get unlimited assistance. (There are online tutorials and videos to help you use the software, if you opt to skip support, and you are able to upgrade and downgrade the software at any point.)
  • Trial for free for 30 days.

Full Review

ChiroFusion was founded at the end of 2012 ChiroFusion was established in 2012 and is an advanced web-based HIPAA-compliant Chiropractic EHR specially designed for chiropractors. We are pleased the fact that ChiroFusion is among the few web-based applications available, while many of its competition have local software installations. Its web-based nature lets you stay clear of the problems that usually come when you install local programs, for example, managing upgrades to software, as well as backup of data. We also appreciate the fact that ChiroFusion comes with a low initial cost and monthly fees that are low and recurring which allows you to test the program, making it suitable for smaller practices that want to explore EHRs for chiropractic. It is light in weight that makes it have a an easy learning curve and simple to use.

Key Features

Below, we'll discuss the main aspects of ChiroFusion and how they will benefit your practice.


ChiroFusion is a more modern and modern scheduling interface when in comparison to its rivals. The scheduler lets users color-code appointments based on the doctor or type of treatment. Patients can also be tracked who are being transferred to various locations within your office with an option dropdown menu that lets you choose which location the patient is at. This allows doctors to cut down on waiting times and also ensure that the space is effectively utilized.

Another feature that it offers is the capability to automatically remind you of appointments by text message or email. This can reduce no-shows and cancellations. When a patient receives an email reminder, and they accept the appointment, the scheduler will update the appointment with the green circle. If they decline the appointment, it will show an red circle beside the name. This allows you to quickly find your confirmed appointments for the day and will let you know about patients likely to miss their appointment.


Since ChiroFusion was created specifically especially for chiropractic professionals, its documenting capabilities are extremely beneficial for chiropractors. Like its scheduler and documentation section, it is extremely intuitive and simple to use, and provides many documentation options that are specific to chiropractors. For instance using the Spinal Segmental Analysis form allows users to write down the areas of pain in the patient's body with only a few clicks.

This image shows how to report the results of all your tests to the patient.

After all the forms are completed and submitted, the software can combine all the data into a PDF file which is digitally signed and distributed to whomever you'd like (including the billing partner.)

Chirofusion can also make it easy to design a custom treatment plan. By choosing several checkboxes in the menu of drop-downs, users can quickly choose the patient's goals and treatment options. The software will take the information and generate the template for a plan of treatment that can be used by other patients with similar symptoms. The program will determine the amount of treatments required to create the plan of care and produce a plan summary which is shown below.

After a patient's profile has been completed, the process of creating each day's SOAP notes on each appointment is easy All you need complete is to make necessary adjustments. ChiroFusion says that the average time is just 30 seconds to create each day's SOAP notes.


If you ever make the daily SOAP note with ChiroFusion it gives you the option of sending it directly to billing. The amount you are charged will be based on treatment codes included in the report. It allows users to send electronic claims for free to more than 700 payers, and to track how each one is doing on an easily-to-read and understand dashboard. The dashboard records each claim submitted and tracks the status of each claim and makes it easy to identify rejected or not processed claims.

Here's an example bill claim that was generated through the application.


Alongside the dashboard for billing you can also generate other reports that you can create using ChiroFusion. We've found the reports to be useful in answering the most basic of questions, such as "how much income do I earn from a particular insurance company" as well as "how many no-shows I've experienced in the last months?" However, beyond these basic types of inquiries, you'll need export your data into Excel to create custom reports of your own.

Task Management

Although not the main strength of ChiroFusion however, the program has the ability to manage tasks, which allow you to create task assignments for employees and also specify due dates. This will help handle clinical and administrative tasks, and help your business operate more efficiently. The capabilities for managing tasks include real-time notifications that inform you when you have a new task assigned to you or when a task is complete.

Do you think ChiroFusion the right program for you?

If you're in search of an affordable and web-based chiropractic management system specifically for chiropractors, we think it is ChiroFusion is the most effective solution that is available. In contrast to its competition, which require local installation of software and come with a steep startup cost, ChiroFusion has a low start-up cost as well as low monthly charges, making it simple to test. ChiroFusion is specifically designed for chiropractors, and is specifically designed for chiropractors who want to cut down documenting their practice.

The biggest drawback to ChiroFusion is the fact that it's a smaller firm which means changes to the software could be slow. With its low cost, it's well worthwhile to give it a test check to determine whether it's suitable in your chiropractor's practice.

All About Medical Softwares
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