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Time To Onboard The Great Learning Modernization

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Time To Onboard The Great Learning Modernization

With 4.3 million Americans quitting their jobs in 2021, the business world is witnessing a revolution. This quitting wave, or better known as "The Great Resignation" has turned the business world on its head.

It has inspired many people to rethink where, why, and how they work. Hence, employees are constantly examining their job roles, looking to take control of their work and their personal lives. 

Those who find their jobs are not directly tied to their personal development decide to quit.

In other words, employees who decide to quit jobs want flexibility and the freedom to work that allow them opportunities to advance in their careers.

So, in order to attract and retain talent, companies (including yours) need to embrace this transition and offer employees learning and development opportunities to stay in your organization. 

Your roadmap for keeping employees engaged within organizations should include modernization in learning and development (L&D) programs that help employees thrive in their roles.

Now, before you decide whether to employ learning modernization or not, let's walk you through the essentials of it:  

Why Do Companies need Learning Modernization?

Your company's biggest asset is talent, and seeing employees walk out the door must be a challenge.

One of the main reasons why employees quit is that they feel their career advancement is not going as planned. Despite your company compensating them fairly, they will walk out unless there is something in it for them.

Putting a premium on learning and development will help your company offer value and incentive to employees to stay in your organization.

The best way to do this is digitization and modernization of L&D programs that can establish a stronger and more flexible learning base for your company to stay on top of your employee's priority list. 

By making career advancements and educational opportunities available, you can help employees thrive. 

So, make sure they know what window to learning, growing, and expanding knowledge your company opens for them.

Is this right time to employ Learning Modernization?

To help your employees feel valued, the most effective roadmap for your company is to offer them learning and development opportunities- both on a personal and professional level.  

Through an ongoing culture of L&D, your company can recognize employee achievement, provide them a direction, and establish a connected corporate culture where everyone sees growth opportunities. To create this structure of change, you need to employ learning modernization. 

5 ways to employ Learning Modernization

  1. Design Custom e-Learning Development Solutions

The best way to modernize L&D orientation is custom e-learning development solutions that can offer employees one-on-one learning opportunities.

Custom e-learning development solutions require ILT (instructor-led training) to shift to VLT (virtual live training) and achieve digitization. 

This means your company needs to make a transition from traditional training to developing a full-featured customized electronic learning management system (LMS).  

To develop an LMS, you can:

  • Create a content plan to determine the best courses, useful content, and most effective methods for engaging learners
  • Build expert administrators to provide employees with the best learning and training experience

  1. Adopt A Blended Learning Program

Through blended learning programs, your organization can create hybrid learning settings. Especially during COVID-19 restrictions, including restrictions on in-person meetings, most of your employees will prefer blended learning.

This approach combines the best features of e-learning with traditional lectures and self-learning to give employees the flexibility to learn at their comfort level.

To adopt a blended learning structure, you can arrange:

  • Face-to-face meetings with alternated content-rich online lessons and lectures
  • Digital e-learning with videos, audios, and other media-rich material support
  • Structured time-frame for self-learning based on online sessions

  1. Engage Learners Through Gamification

Gamification is a relatively new concept that allows employees to enjoy healthy competition and rewards during learning programs. This helps increase employee retention rates, as they will enjoy their stay in your organization. 

Your company can integrate gamification into its workplace training through methods such as:

  • Developing a dashboard that allows employees to track each other's progress
  • Create daily goals to encourage employee participation
  • Incorporate mini-games or quizzes into training activities 
  • Offer desirable rewards or badges after completing activities

  1.  Leverage Microlearning

Microlearning is an even better solution for employees to give them the flexibility to learn whenever and wherever they are.

This approach leverages rich media content across all devices to engage employees and inspire them to dig deeper. Since employees do not have enough time to dedicate to learning, microlearning facilitates small, actionable learning opportunities.

Some examples of vital work-related training that can be a perfect fit for microlearning are:

  • Online resource library of two minutes videos employees can watch to learn a certain aspect of business
  • A gamified app with games, quizzes, information nuggets, and small competitions to encourage healthy habits
  • A quick video accompanied by a short quiz concerning the rollout of a new product or service
  • On-demand courses that help employees acquire advanced work-related skills

  1. Provide Performance Support

Performance support is at the core of modernization in learning. Simply providing employees programs to learn from and sit back to see the results does not serve.

The key to higher retention rates is a well-planned training program. Once you have adopted modern ways to implement L&D, you need to track the results to identify the unique needs of your employees.

As you track results, offer your employees personalization in training to let them learn what relates to their roles and interests them. This way, your employees will learn at their own pace and become more active to pursue learning within the organization.

The Bottom Line

Businesses that offer learning modernization are more likely to retain talent. So, you must provide training and design L&D programs that promote the skills and aspirations of your employees.

This way, your teams will enjoy the flexibility and greater job satisfaction that will result in their desire to stay committed to your organization for the long haul

Folio3 | Elearning
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